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Nothing Is Given, Everything Is Earned.

Family Origin

The Blint Family originally lived within the Continent of Atamara, within the realm of Tara. They have always been an unknown family and seek to prove that they can make something of low status born children.

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Living Lineage

Leatho: The Punisher of the Imperium

  • Leatho is the son of Ilena and Kylar, his father died when he was very young and his mother left him soon after. He was sent to live with his grandparents on Atamara, after about 10 years of an easy life he decided to travel around the continent and see what there was to see, he made a home in Carelia when he was 17 years old.

Vahanian: The Iron Templar

  • Vahanian is the middle child of Kylar and Ilena. He was sent to live with Durzo as a child, Kylar had a fear that his children would be used against him in war time. He has long dedicated his life to ridding the world of Daimons after his wife was captured, tortured, and killed by a daimon warlord.

Andross: The Duke of Blades

  • The first born son of Leatho, and to date the only one recognized by Leatho as born of noble blood. He took up arms in the realm of Greater Xavax after his father was banished from the continent. He is cool and calculating much like his father, but shows more restraint in his dealings.

Viridian: The Forgotten Daughter

  • The eldest living daughter of Vahanian, she was raised during a dark time of strife and war on Beluterra. Childhood friends with the recognized daughter of Rania Eastersand Jevondair, the Oracle of Obeah, she always felt her father held more affection for his ward than his own daughter.

Deceased Family Members

  • Argon Blint - The Eldest Son
  • Durzo Blint - The Favored Son
  • Kylar Blint - The Black Wolf
  • Ilena Blint - The Broken Widow
  • Lillian Blint - The Tradgedy of Innocence
  • Jasmine Blint - The Daughter of Winter
  • Agon Blint - The Promised Son
  • Karis Blint - The Spoils of War
  • Regnus Severus Blint - The Pirate's Son
  • Katerina Blint - The Gentle Matriarch
  • Ellaria Blint - The Daugher of Iron
  • Ascleus Decimus - The Heir of Piracy

  • There are numerous other family members in the recorded history of House Blint, most lived uneventful lives and died young and unnoticed. There is suspicion among the living members of the family that there was some a streak of madness on one side of the family..

Family Crest