Blakeshadow Family

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The House of The Blakeshadow

Originally from Flismar (East Continent), has a fame of 13 and family wealth of 2900 gold.

The Source of Ambition

A typical Blakeshadow, a Red haired and red eyed elf from Sirion (Also known as Sirionite Elf). Their all special and spread across their realms in search of fulfillment, because their living with a ticking parasite. Not every Blakeshadow is infected, and lives a short life like the infected. Now those small few are looked upon as outcasts of their family, or disliked, even hated by some of their relatives. But their family, no matter how lucky they were to be born with brown hair and eyes, or human. Because the parasite only lives in the elves, it can not survive in the intoxicating human body. What do you favor, learning about the damned elves who know their hour, or the families humans? Whatever you want, just remember that every Blakeshadow has a tale, unfolding in a never ending circle. Because the Parasites live in this family, And in this feral war; they dash to their dreams or become a dodger of death.

Enjoy their pains, their fate, and their victory whenever they have it.

The Blakeshadows

Rugina Blakeshadow

Rugina is a Brown Haired Human who is the only one of their family taking a role in protecting their home, not that it wasn't well defended. She just wanted to spite Cailin, who told her she would never leave home. Rugina slaps Cailin aside the face and he mocks her weaknesses. She wants nothing better then to see her Homeland Bream with Valor. Sirion is where she will raise her child, with her own two hands she will raise her, without husband.

Lullaby Blakeshadow

"Sweet" Lullaby was a caged bird, who escaped her family's Raptor's clutches on her life. She seeks riches and to become royalty. And every year brings her closer to the hounds of death, gnawing at her dreams. She wants to have them with her's Enamored, but will these dreams fade into her cruel fate?

Serria Sirion Blakeshadow

Serria is the daughter of Rugina, and a certain Elf nobleman (it may be obvious who) She was born at the birth of the new realm Sirion fought to recreate. She is a strange being born into the Blakeshadow family... She is a half elf, half human, or so it seems. She wears the same hazel hair as her mother, but her eyes are rather the strange thing. They are pink like pink tourmaline gemstones. A rather unique trait for a human, and a strange hue for an elf. Rugina is concerned that her newborn may be carrying her family curse... but it's not possible, as Rugina and the elfin nobleman weren't carriers of the parasite. Her birth was quick and was healthy.

Dazzle and Ern Bakeshadow

Character(s) in development

Cailin Blakeshadow (NPC'ed)

Cailin is a left handed Beast. He earned the title of "The Beast of Alluran" taking alliance with the Monsters has played it's hand. Cailin is a direct pure descendant of Rudi Blakeshadow, The first Blakeshadow. This makes Cailin the head of this family's Generation. A Mass murderer, and he committed crimes that we will spare you the mention. He awaits the rise of his master, He will return. The blood Seal of Command Demands him. And it seems the first events foretold have taken place. Cailin rises, but this time he plays the hunted.

Femme Blakeshadow (Deceased)

She ended up being murdered,by the beast her husband became. She twisted along her road of fate with an unstable mind, almost just as insane as the Beast she married. Cailin showed her that you need to fall out a window to stand among the angels.

Breonna Blakeshadow (Deceased)

Breonna Wanted the best her life had to offer, she was Rugina's aunt, she also took the family's lucky recessive genes. She lived a "normal" life, But she threw herself into one to many bad situations and paid for it. Breonna just wanted wild fun, she would bare a storm in the open sea for it. No one knows why Breonna did what she did, and take the consequences without complaint. Some say it was because of a curse.

The Families Black Sheep

Kira (Died Fighting Monsters)

Wing Lote (Took his Master's last name)

Just Blakeshadow

Necro Abel Blakeshadow

The People Involved

(characters who have a role, but are not that important)

Sita Blakeshadow

Cailin's Make believe daughter, she was saved by Cailin, thus why she is forever loyal to him. Cailin gave her the name Femme was going to name Their first Child. Sita is part of Cailin's past in Beluaterra. Now his future, as he is The Beast of Cteduul. She is almost always by Cailin's side, in less if he orders her other wise.

Turnip and Maroon

Rugina's Black and White cat Turnip tends to be lazy and hangs around Maroon, a small white kitten who is Toma's.


Rugina's second in command, she met him after she had a dream about what seems to be Rugina's past life. Where he was a low ranking archer in his army. He saved her from being tortured by the knights clad in black armor, who threw aside other Rugina's attacks with ease. Other Tomas gave her a swift death Muttering "Good night sweet princess." She was sparred the fate of being held above a fire to be burned to death. He stands an inch taller then Rugina, short brown hair, and has perfect posture. He formally wields a heavy sword meant to rip apart shield walls, and casually wields a short lance. A Bastard child raised by his noble Mother.