Biggie Family

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After coming from a family that lived as backwoodsmen and off the land for many generations 4 brothers decided to give up being bootleggers and country boys. Riding into town on 4 beat up horses and wearing only woolen overalls the local jester halfheartedly introduced them as nobles from a VERY far away land. The brothers saw this as their opportunity for fame and fortune and traded all their belongings for some forged papers stating their royal heritage and a nice set of clothes. The brothers then went their different ways to spread throughout the world the nobility and heritage of the great Biggie family.

Billy Bob Brubaker A.K.A. B3, BBB or Billy Bob - A happy go lucky soldier with extraordinary skills at looting and money management. Always able to come up with some gold coins in need he has served in Itorunt, Old Rancagua, as a founder and Treasurer in Kalmar Islands staying neutral through all the rebellions and now aids his brother Bocephus in Sint in Beluaterra.

Grand Poopah - The most noble and honorable of the Biggie Family. An expert strategist in war and a man dedicated to noble and honorable service of his beloved realm Abington. He is a marshall serving on the military council and also presides as the Duke of Stoneville.

Boswick - The black sheep of the family. Thrown to the SEI in the hopes that he would be killed he instead quickly rose to power and took over and became Dictator of Sandalak and then proceeded to conquer the entire island. No one was able to stop him and his brute squad as they ran over and utterly destroyed the realms of Ikalak and Taselak. A huge man that is 7 ft. tall(over 2M) he only wears black and is known for his excessive brutality by all simply as "The Bad Man." Make no mistake that the only thing darker than his heart is his twisted sense of humor. After his total victory of the SEI he now serves as General of New Sandalak

Bocephus - A former bootlegger/moonshiner now masquerading as a holy man he now serves as the Pontifex of Sint. He considers himself and the entire realm of Sint blessed after fighting for close to 3 weeks vs hundreds of monsters and undead just to get to the city of Fianik to found the realm. Formerly a troopleader and General of Ashborn for a brief time he was disgusted at the massive waste of resources and manpower and could not stand to watch more suffer. Claiming "immaculate conception" as he helps repopulate the undead torn regions of Beluaterra he is becoming drawn more and more to his god Hemaglobe and is slowly becoming the Holy Man he masquerades as. His chance at revenge against Ashborn came when Ashborn started killing the holy dragons of Sint and now Sint has run roughshod over the realm of Ashborn and has it on the verge of extinction.