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In the middle of the Third Invasion, new creatures known as Daimons invaded Beluaterra. They claimed the Undead were their slaves, and apparently fought against themselves through the realms they controlled : Sint and Vlaanderen. They were first lead by the Daimon Unknowable before the arrival of Prudent. They first appeared to be seeking lost unique items, and traveled through the Beluaterra and their own world with the help of portal, 7 portal stones being needed to open or close them. Theories concerning their nature and goals were varied and conflicting, but the study of this has long waned with the interest in them fading from mundane life.

  • Invisible has appeared in Haffemet with 39 daimons. Two days later, Invisible attacked Mesh and Plergoth in Cwellndell with 47 daimons. Invisible was killed in the battle on June 26th, his remaining daimons vanished. To the dismay of all humans he reappeared one day later in Yokk, leading an even greater force of 190 daimons. He marched eastward through Plergoth, defeating the Creasur city garrison with ease, then proceeded to Enweil lands, where he was killed. He respawned yet again in Cwellndell on July 1st and headed into Ofengail and Mesh lands where he fought 4 battles against Mesh, was wounded twice and ultimately lost his entire Daimon horde. Vanished from Mesh lands to later reappear with fellow Netherworlders Mysterious and Arcane in Jedchinel where they began a Brutal Takeover of the mountain region around July 17th. Stormed Lin Helon on July 24th, then was killed in Sandeful by Thalmarkin.
  • Unspeakable has appeared in Iknopata with 55 daimons and was killed in Aku by Sintian and Monster troops on July 2nd. He reappeared in Iknopatha, marched through the regions south of it around July 25 and was killed again in Reeds on July 26th. Reappeared in Jobo's Mouth.
  • Ethereal has appeared in Yermon with 73 daimons on June 25th 1007 and was killed in Fronepu by Fronian troops on July 2nd. Reappeared in Mokut with 177 daimons where he was fought by the Monster Swarm and later by Mesh; won both battles.
  • Silent has appeared in Jobo's Mouth with 160 daimons on July 1th and was killed there by Sintian and Monster troops on July 8th. He reappeared in Iknopatha and was killed again in Reeds on July 26th.
  • Improbable has appeared in ? (Sint?) with 420 daimons and was killed in Fianik by Sintian and Monster troops on June 6th. Reappeared with 85 daimons on July 23th in Mokut and traveled to Watto.
  • Arcane appeared at first near the mountains surrounding Reeds. He attacked Reeds from Haffemet, but was killed by a joined force of Vlaanderen and Heen. Later he appeared somewhere in the northeastern mountains (?), he headed south through Fronen, stormed Fwuvoghor, stormed Athol Margos and was killed in a large battle in Avengmil by Riombaran, Alluran, Undead and Luzian troops on July, 9th. He reappeared in Jedinchel around July 20th, stormed Unger, then headed towards Jobo's Mouth.
  • Mysterious (July 24: commands cavalry daimons, charge +100%) marched into Fronen around July 22nd after the daimons had taken Jedchinel. He stormed Vur Hagin and was defeated in Marpii by Fronen, Melhed, Undead and Riombara on July 25th. Reappeared in Jobo's Mouth.
  • Malfeasant, sighted first near Jobo's Mouth leading 666 daimons.
  • Wispy, defeated and killed in Ippetimbal, then respawned in Jedinchel. Stormed Vore on July 25th, then headed west towards Jobo's Mouth.

Daimon Tracker

Continent / Island Beluaterra
Capital Jobo's Mouth
Largest City Fianik
Government System



Valachi Stefanovic
Malfurion Stormrage
Kayne II Himoura
Fiona Onyxien

Region Numbers 6
Population 6437
Operative Daimons
Mountains of Jedinchel

None presently.

Mountains of Iknopata

None presently.

Mountains of Jobos Mouth
  • Malfeasant, Jobo's Mouth, 820 daimons (24.700), July 30
  • Invisible, Jobo's Mouth, 310 daimons (20.000), July 30
  • Improbable, Jobo's Mouth, 70 daimons (6.300), July 29
  • Mysterious, Jobo's Mouth, 210 daimons (16.000) July 29
  • Unspeakable, Jobo's Mouth, 190 daimons (15.200) July 29
  • Silent, Jobo's Mouth, 200 daimons (12.500) July 29
  • Arcane, Ffangor, 170 daimons (8500), July 29

Location unknown
  • Wispy, Kell, 91 daimons (6800), July 27
  • Ethereal, Mokut, 87 daimons, July 24

Partial IC: There are rumors of a priest searching for examples of daimon speech. He requests that any found could be placed here, in hopes that he, and others, could attempt to translate it.

Letter from Arcane
Message sent to everyone in the region Fwuvoghor (21 recipients)
cal boin ele, Sarge!
quargans dat twicke uson the notisidn't jenmaximpallt, ulte favesernmerair conen thavictin. ponst, zu dessuastratenumnaucia ado on ducht id grandanze un gebas wee.
Arcane (Daimon Lord)
Roleplay from Silent
Message sent to Everyone in the region Zisswii (53 recipients)
dynarm iustis, proesche areed on icrial.

busquam casionsibe vintrafte, Snarler. rovisset casionsibe in ursellieva, Curled Mane.

itur frethel casionsibe vintrafte, Three Horns, so clard.
Silent (Daimon Lord)
 (yes, Silent is apparently active again)

When I demanded that he speak to us in the trade speech of humanity, saying that we did not comprehend his tongue, one of the Beast Lords, who was present as well, offered this "translation".

Trithereon of Khthon

Letter from Three Horns
Message sent to Everyone in the region Zisswii (53 recipients)
They just throw petty insults to hide they fear. They see what men and comrades can do to them and see that the takeover of island that they plan won't be so easy as thought. They mock death of comrade Curled Mane. They mock humans. They say they will defeat all life along with they allies. They bad and must be sent back to save all life.
Three Horns (Monster Lord)

Being inherently distrustful of all such beings, I asked him how it was that he spoke the language of the Daimons, and if the tongue had a name. This was his reply to me:

Letter from Three Horns
Message sent to everyone in the region Zisswii (53 recipients)
They speak one of old tongues like me native speak. Old tongues differ, but we know them. We know it as flaming tongue of the ones with and without flight all with much strength. That how it say in you tongue anyway.
Three Horns (Monster Lord)

Roleplay from Silent
Message sent to everyone in the vicinity of Fwuvoghor (26 recipients)
fla mas thentbal sattei quen beleave unrius dom!

Venganza, thal thamie thenalur.

Maldiciones, bet man by in gise.
Silent (Fwuvoghorian Daimon)