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This page is here to classify and record basic data for each religion on Beluaterra.

Active Religions


  • Mother-realm: Plergoth - Destroyed by Daimons - Now Hetland - Destroyed by ? - Now Nothoi
  • Home Region: Creasur
  • Leader: Yao Ling and Anthony - Survivors of the Daimon Purge
  • Founder: Rikardon - Murdered by Daimons

Heralds of Obeah

The House of Wolves

Order of Mordok

Lost Religions

The Path of the Great Dragon

  • Mother-Realm: Mesh
  • Home Region: Hoelorr
  • Leader: None - Democratic
  • Founder: Roland

Order of the Druids

The Church of Estahsism


  • Home Area:
    • The Western Badlands



The Church of Qyrvagg

The Valentic Order

  • Mother-Realm: Valentia
  • Home Region: Unknown
  • Leader: Unknown
  • Founder: Unknown


  • Mother-Realm: Riombara
  • Home Region: Avengmil
  • Leader: Lady Agaresh, Quinn
  • Founder: Lady Agaresh


  • Mother-Realm: Enweil
  • Home Region: Fheuvenem
  • Leader: screndt2
  • Founder: screndt2

The Golden Feather

Church of Humanity

The Blood Cult

  • Leader: Louis-Joseph Chénier
  • Founder: Louis-Joseph Chénier
  • Type: Polytheism

The Church of Teros