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Located on::Beluaterra
Part of::Irondale
Part of::East Caelum
Limos de los Caballeros
is regiontype::Rural
North Lowlands
Farming, Manufacturing

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Baqua is a coastal region that occupies the area directly east of Gotland's capital, Gethsemene.

Baqua has a stronger economy than most other rural regions in Gotland, consisting of small cottage industries and a small paper mill in addition to the grain industry typical of rural Beluaterra.

The main village of Baqua, where the manor is located, was named Horumil, meaning "Oyster", in the antiquated local tongue, but was renamed "Crullok's Boot" when the most recent count, Ballantine Harkle, took power.

The count's manor is quite the odd sight, with the entrails and carcasses of local game lying about as well as statues of feet, as custom by the count's ancient pagan religion, Crullokism, which holds the "Great Foot", or simply Crullok, as the main deity which stomped the known world into the footprint of what we know it as today, or so the religion holds.

Crullok's Boot has a small paper mill, grain market, and almost 800 inhabitants, and is the largest village, located on the coast and having a small dock. Excess grain from the fields and hamlets of the rest of the region are sold at the market, and paper from the mill gets shipped to Gethsemene via a road.

Of the smaller satellite villages of the region, the only remarkable one is Archdale, 39 miles to the south of Crullok's Boot, which was renamed "Crullok's Mercy" after Ballantine took power. The village is the second largest, with 400 inhabitants, and its economy is primarily agricultural with a very small amount of woodworking done via cottage industry.

Also of note is the Northern Pasture, which encompasses the northern coastal part of the region. The large pasture surrounds Crullok's Boot and runs along the coastal bluff and extends about halfway down to Crullok's Mercy. Most of the ranchers that tend this pasture bring their products to market in Crullok's Boot where it is then shipped to Gethsemene and neighboring regions.