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Baboclan Family originates from the great realm of Ikalak, in the South-West Island. Three members of the Family, Kostas, Neocron, Gnutt and Valkur left Ikalak. Two members, Nanoo and Garth, stayed back in the family mansion to attend to the family matters. Main goal of the members is to bring fame and glory to their family, explore the whole world and when they retire to return to Ikalak with memories of glorious realms and deeds.

Family Members

These are the family members of Baboclan Family:

Baron Kostas

Age: 33

Class: Cavalier

Current Continent: Atamara

Current Realm: Minas Ithil

Curent Position:Baron of Elost

Current Status:


Kostas is the oldest member of the family. He is the first one that decided to begin a career of his own, without the protection and help of the family. After spending some time in Ikalak and and taking the basic trainning not only of a soldier but akso the one of a Count (in the region of Wellaf), he emmigrated to Atamara and joinned the glorious realm of Minal Ithil. There, he discovered that the life of a soldier is something more suitable for him. His constant efforts for the dominance of his realm in the continent, granted him with the honor to carry the title of Viscount and Baron of Elost. He is serving Minal Ithil under the command of King Dead Angel3.

Duke Neocron

Age: 30

Class: Soldier

Current Continent: Beluaterra

Current Realm: Riombara

Curent Position:Duke of Athol Margos

Current Status:


Neocron began his journey in Atamara, in the realm of Tara in the age of 17. Before long, and with a short stop in the realm of Falasan he decided to move on and see the world. He traveled in the East Island and tried to make Ibladesh his new home. Before long, the politic status of Ibladesh drove him far away. He decided to move in Riombara after the stories he had heard about the undead invasion. There he discovered his new home, Beluaterra. In no time, he managed to prove his value and be awarded with the countship of Cjelegy and after that the dukeship of Athol Margos, capitol of Riombara. In Riombara he found the road to religion and he become member of Qyrvaggism. He is also proud member of the Sungard guild.

Lord Gnutt

Age: 32

Class: Soldier

Current Continent: Colonies

Current Realm: Oritolon

Curent Position: Marshal of the Army of Oritolon

Current Status:


Lord Valkur

Age: 17

Class: Soldier

Current Continent: East Continent

Current Realm: Perdan

Curent Position: None Current Status:


Valkur is the youngest member of the family that decided to descover the world. His first stop is Perdan. There, he hopes to learn everything he can about war. His first stop in Perdan is Perdan's Crimson Wing.


Baboclan Family has very tight bonds with the Eternal Champion Family and SilverBow Family. Other families that gainned the deep appritiation and respect of Baboclan Family are Galadeon Family, Anaris Family and Dolohov Family.