Axehammer Family

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The Axehammer family has long been a mainstay in the farming community in and around the City of Wayberg. Axehammer has never had great wealth, but has done well enough over the years to reach into the realms of the minor nobility. While they have been tolerated over the years at court, their honesty and integrity have over shadowed their woodsy appearance with the upper aristocracy.

This all changed with the birth of the twins Orgoth and Chloe. As with any siblings they fought unendingly growing up. Chloe choose noise and ruckus as her weapons, Orgoth allotted to brute strength and quiet planning. They loved each other and their family as fiercely as they fought each other on the grounds, at lessons and at the Academy.

All was well and the future was bright as the nobles of Wayberg lined up to win the favor of the twins. The future of the Axehammer family changed in one cruel night.

A rival merchant family that had long held a grudge had Chloe expelled in accordance with the ancient law that forbid families without a seat on the council from having two children in the same class in the Military branch of the Academy. Despite the pleas from the Axehammer matriarch and Orgoth's willingness to leave to run the farms, the council forced Chloe out. The rival's pockets were deep and they had a great deal more clout in the Wayburg council chambers.

As the heads of the rival family laughed their way out of town, that was the last time anyone in Wayburg heard from them. Despite her fiery temper and zest for action, Chloe paid close attention to the lessons in Noble law. Another of the ancient laws led her hand that night; A family with no heirs over 14 will lose all rights to land and monies.

This page, torn from a local law book, was all that was found at the rivals compound the next morning. Chloe had staked it to the patriarch's chest with a spear. The orgy of blood had left no one over 14 in the land of the living. The name of the family is never to be spoken again in Wayburg.