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Located on::East Continent
Part of::Sirion
Part of::Avamar
Lyanna Arylon
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East Coast
Manufacturing, Trade

Avamar is a small city located in the northern regions of the East Island, on the eastern banks of the Sirion River. Avamar was previously the capital of the nation of West Sirion before the famous coup and later the capital of Avamar. The realm of Avamar was brought down in the largest battle ever recorded in the world. In this battle, 4,528 men from Sirion, Fontan, and Old Rancagua attacked and defeated the 2,221 men from Avamar and Oligarch defending the city. Sirion took the city after the battle. In a war between Fontan and Sirion, Fontan retook the city. In the concluding stages of that war, Sirion retook the region from Fontan.

Old Description

Avamar is a region of history. Many battles have been fought at its walls, and many a brave hero have met their end within its borders. Over a year ago, a realm was founded bearing its name, which was later conquered by the armies of Sirion.

Today, however, the population is peace-loving, with fewer mercenary outfits and less war-bent rhetoric. Instead, Avamar is known for its trade, mercantile organizations, and welcoming atmosphere. The city is divided into informal districts, with the world-famous red-lantern district on the south side where many a weary trader has found rest.

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New Description

The controversial city of Avamar opens its gates to the world. A city that has become unique for its cultural and historical variety. Home of free spirits, capital of ancient empires and the greatest eastern trading post. Take a guide and prepare to meet the Sirion’s Capital of Culture and Trade.

The Ivory Tower

At the heart of the city rises the most important building. The fortified castle assumed aspects of an imperial palace and its white towers are the highest ones, crowning the city. Around the Tower the whole district was reformed, housing the new libraries and museums. With a predilection for squares, fountains and columns, the heart of the city became a block of majestic gardens until the marble stairs of the largest temple of the Grove. A paradise closed behind an inner wall, the Great Wall of Honor and Glory, erected by the Silver Dragon to protect his new estates, harems conquered in distant lands from defeated enemies and major cultural sites.

The Old Inner District

The old district keeps ancient traits. The architecture remained a mixture of the ancestral elven culture and the best human technologies. Immediately outside the inner walls, the old district is a purely administrative area with old bureaucratic buildings to regulate the trade and control the taxes. The last frontier before the chaos.

The Market

Almost all the rest of the city is a great market. A militarized area with recruitment centers, forges and barracks for the soldiers provides the protection for the bureaucratic inner area. Beyond that the chaos reigns sovereign over the streets, alleys and squares. In Avamar is possible to buy goods arriving via caravans of the most distant places of the East Continent and even goods that defy the ocean. The whole culture of the Sirion River is traded with Sirion and Sir Temple in the north and at the Elven Bay in Al Amarah and Karbala in the south, providing probably the biggest known market with routes established since Sirion was a colonial empire. Avamar is the gate that allows commercial intermingling of cultures and races. What is done is in Avamar stay in Avamar. While this hybrid culture permeates the city, traditional regions like Slimbar remains protected into the woods.

Docks, Ports and the Red District

It's hard to understand where the market ends to give place to the harbor. The smell of fish and sea invades the nostrils. The bright colors give seats to the dirtiest ones. Along Avamarian shores the Sirion River receives the greatest flow of ships traveling and unloading their goods, coming from the sea and distant lands up the river to make fortunes. With the demand of a harbor region and prostitution being considered a sacred office in Avamar, the Red District rose absurdly fast demonstrating another interesting contrast. The brothels are impressive like temples and exhibit a rich beauty that many merchants wouldn’t dare to bear.

This is Avamar, former rebel capital, center of culture and commerce of the East Continent.


  • The Docks

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  • The Red District

- Dal van Belhanka

  • The Ivory Tower

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  • The Old Inner District

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The Great Library

From the ashes of a rebel capital:

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