Aurelius Family/First Iteration

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The Aurelius Family came into being on September 9, 2006. Its patriarch is Flavius Aurelius. The family estate is located in Etoge, a Cagilan Empire region. Though Flavius is the patriarch, his younger brother Stephson is better known. The Aurelius family is yet to be distinguished, but as it is still young, there is plenty of time for that. Flavius and Stephson have a cousin Marcus, who was the only one to leave Atamara, but found his new home in the South East too different and was overwhelmed. After returning to Atamara, he left yet again for the Colonies.

Stephson of Darka shows off his skills at the Grand Cagilan Tournament. Stephson was knocked out in the first round of swordfighting, but reached the third in jousting. Not bad for his first tournament, especially one with 645 people attending, including his older brother Flavius.

Flavius, the family patriarch stands ready on the front lines during the Dontow takeover.

The Praetorian Guard with Flavius at the front, out for night training at Cagil.

Stephson's old unit The Flaming Arrows at training

Stephson's Varangian Guard Captain talking with some of the guardsmen.

The Varangian Guard relaxing after their first training session. Stephson is the one with the Danish Axe furthest to the right.

Grettir is the fourth member of the family, younger brother of Stephson and Flavius. All his life Grettir had a terrible temper, and when he was 17, he killed the son of a noble in cold blood. He was promptly exiled to Beluaterra where he travels killing undead and monsters with the hope of someday returning to the life of a noble. He made only one attempt at murder in his new home, and soon found that it was not a good idea. His opponent was unmarked and walked off of the battlefield, leaving a bloody Grettir lying in the mud. If it weren't for the mud, Grettir might have bled to death.

The Aurelius family has gone extinct, but it is connected to the Falco family, which has continued the Aurelius tradition of service to Darka through Marcus Falco, and has begun a new career in Silnaria through Brutus Falco. The Falco family seeks to restore the reputation that Stephson and Marcus Aurelius once held in their respective nations. Although the extended family hails from the Cagilan Empire, the core of the family,and the entirety of the current Falco family, comes from Darka. The Falcos and the Aurelius' are known for their loyalty, which supersedes all self interest. They will fight and die for their country, whatever it may be, and for their friends, whoever they might be. This loyalty was first expressed by Stephson Aurelius towards Darka and Vatticus, and later expressed by Marcus Falco towards Darka, in the tradition of his cousin, Stephson, and Brutus towards Silnaria.

Since the fall of Darka and Silnaria, the Atamaran branch of the Falco family had dedicated itself to Talerium. Marcus Falco recently became the Earl of Melias, transforming the region from a reluctant conquest to a loyal territory. Brutus gave up his earldom to join Talerium in order to support the legacy of his homeland Darka, which lives on in parts of Talerium. The two brothers remember their ancestors in Darka and fight for its legacy by serving Talerium. Stephson Falco, named after his great uncle of the Aurelius family, has begun his career with Astrum on the continent of Dwiligiht, seeking to extend the family's name to lands unknown to his predecessors.