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Region Details
Continent located on::Atamara
Region Type is regiontype::Rural
Geographic Area East Islands
Population population::5040
Economy Farming, Fishing
Realm part of::(rogue)

About the Region

Washford is a coastal region of Suville, used primarily for seaside getaways among the Suvillene Royalty. Formerly well-known among Abington bureaucrats to be quite problematic, as the peasants tended to be malcontent on a regular basis, due in part to a higher-than-normal frequency of monsters and in part to its distance from the capital. There was rarely a day that goes by that Washford does not demand the attention of at least one bureaucrat, but sometimes even the knights of Washford must intervene in order to maintain control of the region.

These days, however, it is all sunshine and bathing. Washford is well-known for its beautiful coast, fine cuisine, and comfortable atmosphere, making it a favorite vacation spot. In addition, nobles of every generation have enjoyed Washford's sturdy horse breeds. While they are used today primarily for recreation, Washford's steeds were once one of Abington's fine Cavalry Centers.

It is said that when the previous lord, Sir Phlex, was imprisoned by the Ashlanteans and lost his title as lord, Duchess Callisto was forced to exercise martial law in Washford in order to prevent the peasants from rebelling after she announced that their new lord would be Aeryn Arete. Aeryn was was not even 18 years of age at the time, but Duchess Callisto claimed to see great potential in Aeryn, and that seemed to satisfy most of the nobles.

Washford has the honour of being the founding place of Abington's first religion, Aristoi Atamarism. It's main temple has been moved to Suville, but Washford will always have a fond place in the hearts of every Aristoi.

The current Count is young Sir Corben.