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Region Details
Continent located on::Atamara
Region Type is regiontype::City
Geographic Area East Islands
Population population::3
Economy Manufacturing, Trade
Realm part of::(rogue)

Riverholm is part of the Suville_(Realm), lying just northeast of the mountainous terrain of Monagle along the beautiful coast of the Ash Sea.


The biggest industry is the manufacture of goods; this employs the majority of the burghers and townsfolk and earns the city the majority of its wealth. The burgeoning of Riverholm's wine production is quickly growing in notoriety throughout Atamara.

Trade with other regions, in comparison, comes close in terms of employment but produces less than half the wealth. Riverholm imports may of it's raw goods from the surrounding regions of Lanston, Rustton and Wynford. The manufactured goods are then shipped out and traded via sea lanes to all destinations far and wide.

A small but important sector consists of farming and fishing, while almost five thousand are employed directly by the local Duke and by the Kingdom of Caergoth itself.

Places of Note in Riverholm

The Dragon Reborn

A famous, or some would say infamous, tavern frequented by many nobles and commoners alike. Recently there was a fire caused by a careless drunkard and the establishment is undergoing extensive reconstruction. The drunkard was rumored to be one of Riverholm's former knights but no one seems to know for sure.

The Academy of Riverholm

Home of the Riverholm Saber style of fencing, a flamboyant trick-moves style using scimitars, sabers or other curved single-edged swords, employing graceful cuts, dodges and slashes. As well, many bureaucrats, soldiers and traders alike come to the Academy to train and educate themselves, tutored by many of the brightest and most learned minds in all Atamara.

The Academy of Riverholm has expanded it's current offerings to include all manner of interests for the nobles, for a fee. There have been administrative issues as of late as the headmaster of the academy is said to imbue much to freely of Riverholm's fine choice of drinks and eat of a particular type of Bloodmoon fruit grown in nearby Lanston.

Ægir brewery

The largest of Riverholm's breweries. It is in partnership with a few local exquisite wineries to increase it's product line for trade. It is known for it's very high quality products. Good enough to be served to the gods, or so they market it as such.



  • Kindel Baranof


  • Bremer
  • Earl
  • Laentir
  • Rob