Barad Lacirith

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Region Details
Continent located on::Atamara
Region Type is regiontype::City
Geographic Area Central Lake
Population population::716
Economy Manufacturing, Trade
Realm part of::(rogue)

Eston Shield bullet.jpgBARAD LACIRITH

Also known as "The Jewel of the Lake", this monument to Man's dominance over nature sits precariously on a rocky ledge overlooking the Central Lake. It can be seen for miles in all directions, gleaming white in the sun, with the blue and gold banners of Eston waving in the breeze.

It is hard not to be in awe of Barad Lacirith as you approach it.


Lacirith Square

A bustling and busy marketplace, much commerce is done here, under the watchful eye of the famous statue of Saint Nathaniel. Also of note, the Two Jugs Tavern, a bawdy inn well-known to travelers.

The Ports

Fishing boats and sailing traders do their docking and stevedoring at The Ports. Situated under the rocky Ledge of the city, this is a busy and crowded area, connected to the city itself by a rickety series of steps and rafters.