Asylon/ The Green Line Accord

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Asylon "Green Line Accord" with Zuma Coalition

Peace treaty between Zuma Coalition and Asylon.

This treaty hereby establishes that relations between the Zuma Coalition and the Kingdom of Asylon shall be formally recognized as in a state of peace contingent on the continued practice of the following clauses:


neither party shall make any attack of any nature against the other. This includes military action, political scheming, and economic attacks.

“Green Line” Border

The established border between Zuma Coalition and the Kingdom of Asylon shall correspond to the “green line” running south of the Koshtlom Duchy seperating the badlands from the rural farmland. Kosht, Gonophor, and Vassar are to be the possession of Asylon and establish Asylon's Southern border with the Zuma. Grympen Mire, Volcano Nightscree, Dragon Song, Overroot, and Underroot are the possession of the Zuma Coalition and establish the Zuma's Northern border with Asylon. Further border agreements may be pursued as needed with the consent of both parties.

Mutual Respect of Cultural Differences

It is recognized that the nobility of Asylon and the Zuma are of different types and come from different cultural backgrounds. As such being the case, both parties shall strive to behave courteously and respectfully towards each other.

Restricted Borders

Nobility of Asylon and the Zuma are allowed to freely travel across the established border. However, both parties shall use extreme caution while marching through each others lands with military force. Given the differences between realms it can not be fully assured the military will work together, and confusion may cause undesired conflict. Therefore, troop movement across the border should as limited as possible and communicated prior to arrival.

Abidance by the Law of the Land

When in the land of the opposite party, one is subject to the laws of that land. Acts forbidden in both realms include: all acts of infiltration, assassination, black market trading, looting, and engaging in battle against non-rogue forces without prior consent.

The above treaty is meant to provide for the welfare of the Zuma Coalition and the Kingdom of Asylon. It may be revisited at any time and reformed with the consent of both parties. This treaty shall be binding to both parties starting from the time of its signing and continuing until both parties agree that it is to be dismantled.