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Member of the Geg Family

Graeth began his career in Arcachon much like his older brother Shintuk. Also like his older brother he left these lands for greater opportunity. When the ships came back with news of Dwilight, Graeth rushed to find the nearest colonizer ship. He landed on the shores of Springdale and began his career on Dwilight. As new realms opened to the West, Graeth followed. He joined the realm of Evenguard first. From here he first heard rumors of a mysterious daimon realm to the south. His older brother had extensive experience with the daimons, and Graeth believed he could apply the lessons his brother learned. He next joined the colony of Madina which would eventually become the realm of Caerwyn. Here he found the Verdis Elementum faith and eventually converted to the priesthood. During a pilgrimage to the Zuma lands to the south he met with the daimon lord Vates and another mortal, (Rathan?), and pledged to bring about an age of daimon worship on Dwilight. Though he had not enough influence in Caerwyn to form his own religion, he decided he could mold one already in place. To this end he became one of the High Priests of Verdi Elementum, the speaker of the Fire element. When the colony to Echiur began to be put into effect he rushed to join the new colony. He spent several weeks in the ruins of Old Echiur, preaching to the masses. Eventually the entirety of the city was singing of the Elements. It was easy to persuade them to raise the banner of Caerwyn. From here it was a small task forging the new realm of Asylon. Unfortunately the new Emperor of Asylon became fearful of ruling and hid away for long hours. Graeth invited the refugees fleeing from Thulsoma. Together, with some other trusted Asylonian nobility they overthrew the rule of Emperor Cleon and installed King Glaumring as the new ruler of Asylon.

Eventually Graeth would go on to take a leadership position in the Cult of the Bloodmoon, as the Duke of the Berserk Bear situated in Echiur city. He paved the way for those fleeing the West by sacrificing two sets of portal stones during the Blight in Bloodmoon rituals. He eventually sacrificed himself in a public event where he also happened to take his first life as the Judge of Asylon.

Roleplay from Graeth Geg

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It was a dark and dreary day, yet the noise of the city was ever present. And the city smell hung in a stagnant, sticky, haze. The rains couldn’t begin soon enough.

Graeth stood in front of the gathered crowd at the steps of the newly constructed temple for the Cult of Bloodmoon. Had he eyes, they would be closed. His thoughts were turned inwards, reminiscing. When news of the discovery of Dwilight first reached his family home on the Far East island he jumped at the chance to make a name for himself in the new colonies. He arrived in Springdale with the other immigrants. Those were the early days of Dwilight. The West was still unknown, an empty space on all available maps – the oceans didn’t allow for an eastward approach and monsters roamed the lands in numbers as great as the current Blight. The frontier spirit never stopped burning in his heart. He soon traveled to the new colony of Everguard, where Astrum now stands. From there he joined a new colony of Melodia, which would later become known as Caerwyn, in Golden Farrow.

From Caerwyn Graeth struck out into the last frontier. He regularly made sojourns to the volcanic Zuma lands and met several times with the daimon lord Vates, hatching plans together. Within Caerwyn itself, he held the position of one of the high priests of Verdis Elementum, representing the element of Fire. With the words of this faith he converted the rogue city of Echiur into staunch believers and from there he convinced them to take up the Caerwyn banner…the first step in founding the colony of what would later become Asylon.

The crowd erupted into a cacophony of shouts and jeers. The prisoner must have arrived behind Graeth. Had he eyes, they would be filled with pity. Mo Gene had served long, and mostly honorably in the realm. Attacking a fellow noble of the realm was perhaps the most monstrous of crimes. His death was necessary.

Graeth raised his arms, which had some effect in quieting the boisterous crowd. They wanted blood…it would come.

“Asylon started as an insignificant colony of Caerwyn, hugging the inhospitable and Zuma controlled volcanic wastelands. Early on the colony chose to shrug off its shackles, wrought by Caerwyn. We invited the refugees of Old Thulsoma and peacefully overthrew Caerwyn’s puppet ruler. We gained no love from Caerwyn that day, especially after installing Lord Glaumring as out first King, who at the time, was an Astroist. Astrum would show no love either, since we insisted on keeping our Verdis Elementum temples. Ours was a road fraught with danger behind every corner, but we continued.

“Realistically we stood little chance. Not a single realm, save the Zuma, offered us peace. We received threats daily from Caerwyn that they would come and exterminate us, when they chose to speak to us at all. Yet we persisted. We survived Caerwyn’s downfall, after the Butcher of Itau sent countless Astrumite children to their deaths in a horrendous first strike. We survived the Terran Republic, after they betrayed us in our joint war against the theocracies. We survived Kabrinsnkia, later turned the Farronite Republic, who also left us alone against the theocracies, after we joined their war. We survived Phantaria, and finally gained the regions promised to us long ago in our colony’s charter. We went from the smallest, most insignificant realm on the island, a realm which spat at all modern conventions and picked fights with all hegemonic establishments, and somehow became the largest and most powerful realm any of the islands have ever seen.

And yet with the world turned against us, with no fixed homeland to call our own, with enemies amassing outside of our gates, our own nobles have raised blades against each other. This is the most heinous crime that could be committed.”

The jeers rose once again. Mo Gene was bound securely both by arms and by legs, and so the guards dragged him in front of Graeth. Blindly he reached down in front of him, grasping Mo Gene’s hair securely, lifting his head.

“The Bloodmoon has taught me that sacrifice is the most powerful force in this world. Sacrifice lays the foundation of power for all that comes after.”

With his left hand still grasping the hair of Mo Gene’s head, his right took out a dagger from under his cloak. The crowd erupted in such noise that Graeth thought his ears would explode. He took a deep breath, inhaling the rotten stench of the city, of the crowd, and slit Mo Gene’s throat with the knife.

Immediately crones fighting the larger crowd pooled under the withering body, trying to collect as much blood as they could for their peasant rituals. The guards, however, quickly intervened, removing the body back into the temple. The head belonged to Lady Jonsu.

Amidst the overpowering reverberation, Graeth once again raised his hands.

“This sacrifice is not enough. It will not fuel a new empire. As the first member of Asylon I offer myself for its future.”

The crowd was reduced to murmuring questions. From within his cloak he withdrew a large pouch. He opened the strings and emptied the contents in front of him, spewing hundreds of seeds onto the temple steps.

“These seeds were taken from fruit which spawned from the tree which grows upon the grave of Lady Ven in the Vakreno Orchards. Its seeds were already used to plant new orchards both within this city and within the region of Mimiravair. These seeds are the future of our faith, the future of Asylon.”

Graeth clenched his jaw and held his head high. He took out his blood covered knife and passed its well-honed blade across his own throat. He fell first to his knees, then forward across the pile of seeds. The crones once again rushed forward. The guards were momentarily caught in surprise, but quickly rushed towards the spewing priest. The high priests around Graeth rushed towards the blood soaked seeds. The sacrifice had been made.