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Located on::Dwilight
Part of::(rogue)
is regiontype::Rural
North Shore
Farming, Hunting

Asurbanipal is the breadbasket of Iashalur. A vast region, covered with endless fields and occasional hills, stretches between the Misty Forest to the west and to the suburbs of Gaston in the east, in a local region popularly named the Hunting Grounds as the nobles of Iashalur often use it for hunting and sports. Asurbanipal is a part of the Duchy of Gaston and a loyal servant to the Crown of Iashalur.

For many ages Asurbanipal was ruled by barbarians and rogues, and it was only in the 6th Year of Dwilight that nobles of Niselur seized it. With the fall of Niselur the region was once again rogue, but was retaken again in the 16th Year of Dwilight when Niselur was re-founded as Iashalur. It has even since been recognized as a very important productive region due to its boundless amounts of food. Being a region of pious believers in the Bloodstars, Asurbanipal hosts only one religion, that of Sanguis Astroism, and a small temple is located in the middle of settlement to provide shelter to the common folk.

Asurbanipal is ruled by an Earl, who gives fiefdoms to his vassals. The vassals use their fiefdoms to generate income for themselves but also for the Earl (as they pay their taxes in the form if tithes), and in return they pledge their oaths to their Lord and serve unto him with their lives. The Earl's castle is located in the middle of the village and on top of a small hill, as from there he can oversee his land and receive his people to pay him respect and pay their taxes. The Earl's castle of Asurbanipal is known as Eardlardford. Around Eardlardford the manors are offered for knights to govern them.

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