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Welcome to Astrum, the last remaining true protectors of the Holy faith of the Blood Stars.

For New Players

Your First Turn]

One basic principle of BattleMaster is that it is both realtime and turn-based. While many game actions are resolved immediately, major events such as travel or combat occur during turns only. The game is also realtime in so far as one day in the game takes 24 hours of actual time. While many events are accelerated, especially food harvests and tax collections, one day is one day in both our world and the game world. Sunrise and Sunset happen at 6 am and 6 pm GMT+1 (1:00 AM and 1:00 PM EST, 10:00 PM and 10:00 AM PST), for you new players who happen to be in the US.

For Players who are interested in Military

Military is a vital part of the game. After all, the game is called 'Battlemaster'. Being recognized as a successful military leader is one of the quickest way to climb up the social ladder.

You can visit this GUIDE for more details.

Or following pages:

What do I recruit? I can't choose!

Do not worry! Read down below to find out!

Unit Recommendations

New Members: Archer or Mixed Infantry - You can't recruit that many Cavalry or SF and with only having a small unit, you will have to head back to refit too often.

  • Heroes: Mixed Infantry - Can also command archers as well but leading MI will improve your swordfighting.
  • Cavaliers: Cavalry or Ranged SF - Once you can recruit more than 50, it is better to lead these since you will move faster and pack stronger punches.

Popular Unit Types

  • Archers: Good against everything you will fight
  • Mixed Infantry: Not as good as archers but more versatile