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The banner represents the everlasting struggle of good and evil, although in realm of Astrum the knight represents a paladin of good and honourful nature, battling a dragon, a symbol of evil, corrupted souls.

Note: the Order of Astrum has been officially closed due to the bad sponsoring system. Most of the members of this Order have been transfered to the Libidizedd Ducal army known as the Defenders of the Blood Stars. The Order of Astrum remains a fond memory among the nobles of Astrum.

Ways of The Order

''The Order of Astrum represents the army of noble knights of Astrum guided by the Bloodstars. It was established and is sponsored by Strategos Justin Greystone. It has been a light in the dark in the early days of Astrum, it stood the tides during its expansion, and will forever shine a bright aura in this dark world like the Stars do from their heights. The Order is the pillar of Astrum.

The Order aspires to be the most organized, deadliest and toughest army in all of Dwilight. Many times our souls will be put to test by evil creatures or evil minds. It is a duty and task of every member to distinguish and recognize the false masks that hide the wicked faces, to recognize the snake. These perils can be found both in and outside of Astrum, so I implore you all to look real hard through the fog, because the weakness of one is the weakness of us all.

Loyalty - the one who joins in this army thus must swear the oath of loyalty to the land that gave him its fruits, the land that gave the meaning in his life, and the land that gave him the most important thing - home. However, this kind of loyalty cannot be put into words and it's not something you can sign, so I imply every member to look deep in his/her soul and finds the answer. You will then learn how much you actually gained in the form of your friends, in the form of your families and in the form of your people. In the Order of Astrum everything good is rewarded, being that of material or spiritual essence.

Courage and bravery - man born under the Stars was meant to protect the weak and salvage the land. Those things cannot be made if cowardice is present within its members. Duties entitled by the initiation also expects from the warrior that he stays in the heat of the battle to help his brethren. Those that run away will be remembered forever and their families will suffer eternally from bad reputation. For every army it is essential to have heroes (not class Heroes). Hero is not a person who blindly charges into battle and achieves no success. Hero is a warrior who cleverly wages his battles, the one whose ideas and deeds are clever and surprise the enemy; hero is he who acts like a predator. Thus a hero cannot be selfish. He who tries to recruit as largest possible army in the way that the rest of the realm suffers, cannot be seen as a clever warrior.

Discipline - discipline comes along with loyalty and courage. However, if the first two are fulfilled discipline can still lack. Without a discipline successful army cannot function properly. Every member must realize that we move as one or we don't move at all, and that exactly his disregard of the orders can mean the death of his brother in arm. The goal of every army is to move like a creature. The army has eyes, ears, head, arms, legs and heart, and we aspire that these elements are in perfect balance, just like a man's. The man's crucial senses are his eyes and ears; in every army scouting of unknown areas and tracing enemies trails represents that. So imagine how a man who is blind and deaf can compete with those who are perfectly healthy, and we must assume that all our enemies are in perfect shape to sharpen our skills. In the term "discipline" fits all this.

And so, Astrum will rise and we will be the guiding hand that smites the evil. From the Bloodstars We Are Astrum, To the Holy Lands of Them We Advance...''

Written by Boreal Arrakis, Marshal of The Order of Astrum, Strategos of Astrum

Official notes:

This keep is a first House of the Order ever built and is situated in one of the many bays of Libidizedd.

The Order has been established as an official organization on 1st of May by Sir Justin Greystone. The members are famous for their fierce battling style but noble and fair nature. They wear long white capes with blue helmets (supposedly made of the ore of unknown origin in the small mountains of Libiddo) and on the chest a large coat of arms of Astrum which represents their devotion to their realm. Order of the Astrum is highly organized army which published many books and manuals about the art of war. And as such, it has it's own reward system.

Numeric information:

Sponsor: Marquis Justin Greystone
Marshal: Strategos Boreal Arrakis
Second in Command: Vasila Alexandria Dwarvenite
Number of members: 14