Astrum/Memoirs by Captain Gunther

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Memoirs of Captain Gunther, serving faithfully in Marshal Boreal's army - the deadly Shadowbane Arrows

Note: these events are viewed by only one point of view, that of Captain Gunther. If anyone wasn't given the attention that he thinks he deserves, please, don't be offended.

Chapter One: The Age of Infancy

After founding the realm of Astrum in the momentous city of Libidizedd, the expedition force led by Vasila Alexandria Dwarvenite and Duke Brance Indirik, quickly began to work on its prosperity. In the beginning, the Stars weren't very much fond of them. As the takeover of Dizeddo was nearly over, a vicious band of monsters attacked the holy city of Libidizedd. Forces quickly met them in the City and won a great battle, but, alas, the cost was huge. Every possible takoever unit was destroyed. Boreal was left with the biggest army of 35 deadly archers (3 died of starvation), but the people of Libidizedd refused to join in the army. Astrum struggled for some time, and sacrifices made by some of the realms nobles were large. These legendary nobles are: Duke Brance Indirik - enormous amounts of gold he gave to everyone who needed it - and everyone needed it. Vasila Alexandria Dwarvenite - two times she asked gold from her family, lowering her prestige. Strategos Justin for bringing some good ideas. And other, Fiduciary Marrick Montrez, Harpus Maximus Aram Stien and always faithful Sergio Mozzoni - daily contributed with civil work, police work and gold giving.

In the midst of a new day, a historical city of Eidulb, Jewel of the West, did something unthinkable - rebeled from Everguard and joined the realm of Astrum. But this unbelievable thing was actually a test to the noble Astrumese; does their greed know limits or not. Luckily, they realised it fast enough as they couldn't possibly control two, such enormous cities, without food and rural regions. They didn't do everything they could to prevent it from rebeling; and thus the legendary city of Eidulb and its untamable people were once again no ones to claim.

Astrum knights then turned to their domestic situation, but the people of Libidizedd once again refused to be a part of an army. Then a great idea came from Vasila herself, and she made the deal with Prime Minister of Caerwyn to allow one of the nobles to journey to Golden Farrow and recruit the so much needed men. The choice was Boreal Arakiss, Marshal of the Order of Astrum and his 32 deadly archers. And so, Boreal embarked on a long voyage to the distant city of Golden Farrow, capital of Caerwyn, to recruit these 10 Caerwynians and bring glory to Astrum.

While Boreal was away, the worst possible thing that could happen, hapened. Monster outbreak of 20 vicious beasts attacked Libidizedd at the crack of dawn. The remaining forces were weak and fragile, but with bravery that surpassed every mortal man I ever knew, they managed to route the enemies and won the first battle. Brave troop leaders were engaging the battle with just 1 man only to distract the beasts on the battlefield. Second battle - even greater, vastly outnumbered the defenders took their swords in hands to defend their homes. Still people remember the charge of Duke Brance and the warcry of the one sole man he commanded; in this battle Duke Brance was wounded, but succesfully recovered. Or yet, Strategos Justin Greystone leading the army of Astrum with only 7 infantry men to smite the plague that threatened their lands; and he is a hero, so you can imagine how close was death to him that day. That battle is also known as "Till the Last Man" (some say the name came from Sergio Mozzoni's famous saying before the actual battle, calling the Astrumese for unity never seen before).

It was sunset and the Shadowbane Arrows finally looked the shores of Libidizedd in the distance. But the sunrise was unpredictable and it prepared for Astrum something they didn't expect. As soon as Boreal docked in the harbour he could see the battle raging in front of the city itself. He immediately charged in the mayhem in front of him, but that also meant the loss of the precious takeover unit. After that, another group of monsters attacked the noble Astrumese again. Libidizedd was besieged for days, but, finally they have been defeated. And with that victory, Astrum also defeated its infancy, which thus ended. Shadowbane Arrows were no more, every last one of us died in those days at the walls of Libidizedd. I, Captain Gunther, along with Boreal, were the two last standing men of our brave unit. The arrow pierced through my flesh this morning, and I think the time has come for me to be one with the Stars. But I regret nothing, for I know the death of me means freedom and rise of Astrum.