Astrum/Judgement of Austere

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Created by Strategos Kihalin of the Lapallanch Family, the Judgement of Austere was an offensive army designed to mainly fight Niselurians. The army consists mostly of younger nobles and lords of northern Astrum. The army only lost once, in Walefishire during the early days of the war, under the leadership of Kihalin. The army outperformed Kihalin's expectations and some battle hardened nobles were transferred from the Defenders to the Judgement throughout the war to keep the army active. Unfortunately, there is no written record of what happened to the army after Kihalin disappeared.

The army was marshaled by Kihalin in the early stage of the war but the position was passed down to Vice-Marshal Ekirt after his successful campaign against Niselur then to his Vice-Marshal Rebec, the last known marshal of the army. The last known Vice-Marshal of the army is Sun Tze of the Hagakure Family.

  • Known Marshals: Kihalin Lapallanch - Ekirt Thunder Strike - Rebec
  • Knwon Vice-Marshals: Ekirt Thunder Strike - Rebec - Sun Tze Hagakure