Astrum/Defenders of the Blood Stars

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Army Details
Army Name The Defenders of the Blood Stars
Sponsor Duke Brance Indirik of Libidizedd
Based Libidizedd
Marshal Abek Ji'Ardan
Lieutenant Kenni Chrom
Members 19


The Defenders of the Blood Stars have been created in Libidizedd by Duke Brance Indirik. The army was first deployed to guard the Eastern Flank of Astrum and Mimer Duchy. After the Mimer Duchy seceded with the blessings of the Astrum government to form the Theocratic State of Corsanctum, the Defenders were moved to the Western Flank to assist the The Austere Order. The Defenders are well known for executing defensive missions and have excelled at maintaining high discipline and reliability. Members that are in this army are considered pillars of the Astrumese society, and when a mission needs to be done, every Astrumite can count on the Defenders performing with maximum effectiveness.

Current Status

After the defeat of Astrum at the hands of Niselur and the rise of the false prophets, the lands of Astrum were in under siege by an epidemic of monster and undead hordes. Vasilif Sergio disbanded the Defenders and consolidated the two main armies into the Austere Order.

Old Members

  • Alexandria Dwarvenite, Vasila of Astrum
  • Lady Anna Vasata (Dame of Libidizedd)
  • Sir Brance Indirik, Fiduciary of Astrum, Duke of Libidizedd
  • Esme Hothorn (Dame of Libidizedd)
  • Finn Mac Cool (Knight of Libidizedd)
  • Herron Fenrin, SiC (Knight of Libiddo)
  • Melania Rahl (Dame of Libiddo)
  • Myrrdin L'al (Knight of Libidizedd)
  • Sergio Mozzoni, Count of Libiddo

Members - Before the Astro-Caerwynian War

  • Aperon Trivium (Knight of Eidulb)
  • Cerber DeRouen [Vice-Marshal] (Knight of Libidizedd)
  • Kihalin Lapallanch [Marshal(Baron of Chrysantalys Mines)
  • Rahvin Argetlam (Knight of Chrysantalys)
  • Sergio Mozzoni, (Strategos of Astrum, Duke of Chrysantalys)
  • Cathan Hibiki (Knight of Chrysantalys Mines)
  • Zor Ironfist (Knight of Duil)
  • Myrrdin L'al (Count of Libiddo)
  • Royce Gracious (Knight of Chrysantalys)

Members - During the Astro-Caerwynian War

  • Aelwolf
  • Aidan
  • Alewise
  • Allison [Marshal]
  • Arnold
  • Cathan [Vice-Marshal]
  • Cerber
  • Khari
  • Kihalin
  • Miltiades
  • Mortal
  • Myrrdin
  • Royce
  • Samos
  • Sergio
  • Sianon
  • Smokey
  • Stratford
  • Vos

Members - During the Niselurian Rebellion

  • Abek
  • Abriel
  • Antierre
  • Blazer G
  • Boris
  • Brance
  • Citrullenzio
  • Dkarn
  • Hades
  • Jorge
  • Joseph
  • Linden
  • Melania
  • Mo Gene
  • Mordaunt
  • Munsel
  • Rebec
  • Reynard [Vice-Marshal]
  • Sergio
  • Susan
  • Turin [Marshal]