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The Army

Sir Innocent leading our forces to a heroic victory in the first battle for the Dark Citadel.

The Army

When the Assassins are drawn to war, it becomes the job of the Army of Shadows to defend the realm. This small force is made up of the best elite soldiers and nobles the guild has to offer, and is always ready for the worst. They have saved the Assassins from total destruction a number of times. Most records of their battles have been lost and forgotten, but recently there has been an effort to document their heroic victories and defeats. These are the records of this army, as written by the nobles who had the honor to fight under it.

The War With Wetham

We are currently locked in a bloody war of attrition with our neighbor Wetham, and their ally Giblot. We have tried all methods of peaceful negotiation, but Wetham seems determined to wipe us from history. This war began as a desperate fight for survival for the Assassins, but through bravery, superior tactics, and the help of generous allies, we have pushed Wetham back and taken the fight to them.

The Archives

Here are written some of the great moments of the Assassins in our war against Wetham. Whether in victory or defeat, these men and women have showed unimaginable bravery against impossible odds. OOC this is still under construction, you can expect a whole lot more........

Check out the Legend to see what the colors and symbols mean.
Date Scroll.png Name of Battle/Event and report (if available) Participants
Attacker/ Defender
Winner Notes
August 23, 2007 Scroll.png The Great Battle of South Bakker Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png A long-planned assault on South Bakker by Wetham.
August 24, 2007   Change of Marshall After the loss in South Bakker, Boaz Kirpatrick, Marshal switched positions with Chance DawnStar, the second in command.
August 29, 2007 Scroll.png The assault on South Bakker, Act I Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Many brave Assassin soldiers were killed.
August 31, 2007 Scroll.png The assault on South Bakker, Act II Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png A relatively even battle.
September 1, 2007 Scroll.png The Battle of Bakker Fields Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham could hardly call this a victory, after suffering almost twice as many casualties as the Assassins.
September 5, 2007 HalfScroll.png Small skirmish of September 5th Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png A small unit of men were drawn into battle, but quickly surrendered and were captured by Wetham.
September 8, 2007 HalfScroll.png Small Battle in South Bakker Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png A battle that should not have been fought.
September 9, 2007 Scroll.png The Assault on South Bakker, Act III Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Again we battled a much larger force, and suffered almost half the casualties Wetham did.
September 11, 2007 Scroll.png Tiny Battle in South Bakker Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png A comical display of Wetham clumsiness. This battle is of no importance, it's just something to laugh at.
September 13, 2007 HalfScroll.png Small Skirmish of September 13th Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png A small unit of men were drawn into battle, but quickly surrendered and were captured by Wetham
September 15, 2007 HalfScroll.png Small Battle in South Bakker Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png After a small battle, General Hvrek Psyche was captured by Wetham forces.
September 16, 2007   Betrayal! In a shocking turn of events, Hvrek Psyche, General of Assassins and Lord of South Bakker defected to Wetham. Hvrek was thought to be a loyal and trusted member of the Guild, but it seems even he had a price.....and Wetham was happy to pay it.
September 17, 2007   New leadership After the betrayal of Hvrek, Innocent appointed Evil Revan, Marshal of the Army of Shadows as the new General of Assassins. Unfortunately the people did not agree with the appointment and would not accept (OOC: Bug), leaving the realm temporarily without a general. At the same time Nym Duskryn took up the position of Marshall, and Chance DawnStar Became Second-in Command.
September 17, 2007 HalfScroll.png Monsters in North Bakker Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Monsters attacked North Bakker, but were easily beaten.
September 18, 2007 Scroll.png The South Bakker Slaughter Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Called the "South Bakker Slaughter" by many, this was a case of everything going wrong at the worst possible time.
September 19, 2007 HalfScroll.png Eladrel's Crusade-Act I Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png A lone Wetham noble, Eladrel Moonseek, attacked Dark Citadel alone in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.
September 20, 2007 Scroll.png Eladrel's Crusade-Act II Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png After being banned by Wetham, Eladrel came back for another attack with one archer remaining.
September 20, 2007   Loss of South Bakker After weeks of bloody fighting, Wetham finally succeeded in their brutal takeover of South Bakker. This gave them control of the palisade, and effectively pinned the Assassins down in Dark Citadel.
September 21, 2007   Appointment accepted The people finally accepted Evil as the new general. However the lack of an official general for so long had sparked many ideas of independence among the people of North Bakker.
September 21, 2007 Scroll.png The Siege of Dark Citadel, Day 1 Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Possibly one of the greatest moments in Assassin history. Outnumbered 2 to 1, the small Assassin force bravely defended the capital against a large Wetham assault.
September 22, 2007   Army Disbanded In an attempt to save gold, (OOC:bug) Innocent decided to disband the Army of Shadows temporarily.
September 22, 2007 Scroll.png The Siege of Dark Citadel, Day 2 Wetham-icon.png
Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png The day after the first siege, Wetham came back with another large force, thinking to finally break the Assassin defenders. Once again the Assassins emerged victorious, and crushed the Wetham army.
September 23, 2007 Scroll.png Eladrel's Crusade-Act III Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Not willing to give up, Eladrel attacked the Citadel again hoping to die.
September 24, 2007 Scroll.png Brute Squad Target Practice Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png When Boswick's "Brute Squad" attacked Dark Citadel alone, our archers got some nice practice.
September 27, 2007 Scroll.png Monsters in North Bakker Dagger-icon.png Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Just cleaning up some monsters...
October 2, 2007   Army Reformed The army of shadows is reformed under a new sponsor, Evil Revan. Nym Duskryn is given back the position of marshal, and Randun Moonseek becomes the Second-In-Command.
October 5, 2007 Scroll.png The Unnamed Battle OT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Outer Tilog joined the Assassins in our struggle, and launched an attack on Hulaferd.
October 5, 2007   Wetham's High Marshal is killed Chault Quasath, High Marshal of Wetham was killed in the battle with Outer Tilog.
October 9, 2007 Scroll.png The Battle of Blood Creek Dagger-icon.png Rogue-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Due to the work of a skilled Wetham infiltrator, a bulk of our forces were delayed in travel, and unable to make the battle.
October 10, 2007 HalfScroll.png Small Battle Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png A few stragglers from the last battle got drawn into combat.
October 14, 2007 Scroll.png Undead in Dark Citadel Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Just a few undead in Dark Citadel, they were easily cleaned up.
October 18, 2007 Scroll.png More undead Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png More undead in Dark Citadel....hey, it's free training.
October 19, 2007 HalfScroll.png Monsters in North Bakker Dagger-icon.png Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Killing some more monsters in preparation for a takeover.
October 20, 2007 Scroll.png Monsters in Dark Citadel, Again Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png This is getting kind of ridiculous....
October 21, 2007 HalfScroll.png Small battle in South Bakker Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Looks like someone forgot to press misdirect...
October 24, 2007 NoScroll.png Allied Assault on Hulaferd Alebad-icon.png OT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Our ally Alebad joined the war against Wetham, and marched a large army across the entire island to aid us. The first wave of their army was defeated in an assault on Hulaferd.
October 25, 2007 NoScroll.png Victory in Hulaferd Alebad-icon.png OT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Alebad-icon.png OT-icon.png Alebad and Outer Tilog defeated Wetham in Hulaferd, forcing most of them to retreat.
October 26, 2007 Scroll.png The Attack on South Bakker's Walls Dagger-icon.png OT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.png OT-icon.png With the help of Outer Tilog, we successfully drove Wetham from South Bakker.
October 27, 2007 HalfScroll.png Wethams on the Walls Dagger-icon.png OT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.png OT-icon.png The Wetham militia managed to regain control of the Walls in South Bakker. They didn't last very long.
October 27, 2007 Scroll.png The Battle of Crimson Field Dagger-icon.png OT-icon.png Alebad-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.png OT-icon.png Alebad-icon.png A crushing defeat for Wetham. The grass was red with Wetham blood, and the Hulaferd locals now call the site of the battle crimson field.
October 28, 2007 NoScroll.png Skirmish in South Bakker Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.png OT-icon.png Dagger-icon.png OT-icon.png A few Wethams attacked South Bakker, but were all captured before they could hurt anyone.
October 29, 2007 HalfScroll.png Wethams on the Walls Again Dagger-icon.png OT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Once again Wetham militia retook the walls in South Bakker, and once again we slaughtered them.
October 29, 2007 Scroll.png The Battle of Lake Hulaferd Dagger-icon.png OT-icon.png Alebad-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Alebad-icon.png It had been pouring down rain nonstop for days. Creeks were flooding, and we were knee deep in water in some places. Our mostly archer army couldn't see a target anywhere over 20 feet away.
October 30, 2007 Scroll.png More Angry Peasants Dagger-icon.png OT-icon.png Alebad-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.pngAlebad-icon.png Could be worse.....could be raining....
October 31, 2007 Scroll.png Even more Angry Peasants Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.png OT-icon.png Alebad-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.pngAlebad-icon.png These peasants just won't give up.
November 3, 2007 HalfScroll.png Undead in South Bakker Dagger-icon.png Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png The Wetham soldiers are coming back from the grave to try and beat us.
November 3, 2007 HalfScroll.png Monsters Attack Hulaferd Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.pngAlebad-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.pngAlebad-icon.png Monsters attacked our forces in Hulaferd. Casualties were minimal.
November 3, 2007 Scroll.png The Raid on Frundi, Act I Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.pngAlebad-icon.pngRogue-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Due to bad communication, bad timing, and not enough troops, our attack came in two waves and both were defeated.
November 4, 2007 Scroll.png The Raid on Frundi, Act II Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Although the raid on Frundi was lost, it helped keep Wetham's broken army from fully recovering.
November 4, 2007 HalfScroll.png More monsters in South Bakker.... Dagger-icon.png Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png They just don't quit, do they....
November 7, 2007   Change of General After being captured by the Wethams in Frundi, General Evil was removed from his position and was replaced by Thyra Strongfoot.
November 8, 2007 Scroll.png The Defense of South Bakker Wetham-icon.pngRogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png This battle was another crushing defeat for the Wethams, and they suffered well over two times the casualties they inflicted.
November 9, 2007 Scroll.png Cleanup in South Bakker Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png A few Wetham stragglers stayed behind, and made good target practice for the archers.
November 11, 2007 Scroll.png Palisade Defense Wetham-icon.pngRogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png The Wethams outnumbered us by quite a bit, but we had the walls.
November 12, 2007 Scroll.png Monsters in South Bakker Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png These monsters have been becoming a real problem lately...
November 14, 2007 Scroll.png Monsters in Dark Citadel Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png More monsters...
November 14, 2007 Scroll.png Diplomatic Mess in Hulaferd Rogue-icon.pngOT-icon.png Rogue-icon.pngOT-icon.png The presence of Giblot troops caused quite a mess, and kept most of the Tilogian and Assassin forces from entering battle.
November 15, 2007 HalfScroll.png Rogues attack Hulaferd Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Unidentified rogue forces attacked Hulaferd, but were quickly killed.
November 16, 2007   Palisade Destroyed! In a terrible blow to the Assassins, the palisade in South Bakker is destroyed by a Wetham infiltrator. This palisade was of great strategic importance, and cannot be rebuilt due to lack of flat ground in the area. (OOC: woodland region)
November 17, 2007 HalfScroll.png Silly Peasants Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png The peasants thought they could prevent the looting by attacking our men with pointed sticks. It didn't work.
November 20, 2007 HalfScroll.png Monsters... Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png More dumb monsters attacking...
November 20, 2007 Scroll.png Giblot's Betrayal Wetham-icon.pngGiblot-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Wetham-icon.pngGiblot-icon.png A bitter defeat for the Assassins and Outer Tilog. Though they had not officially declared war, this made Giblot's intentions crystal clear to all.
November 23, 2007 Scroll.png Undead Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png More undead in Dark Citadel.
November 23, 2007 HalfScroll.png Attack on South Bakker Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Not much to say about this....
November 26, 2007 Scroll.png Assault on the Wetham Trenches Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Wetham-icon.png The Wethams were dug in deep, and had us outnumbered. But with the amount of casualties we caused, it is debatable if they actually won...
November 27, 2007 Scroll.png The Second Battle of Bakker fields Dagger-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.png With their trenches filled with their dead, the Wetham army met the Assassins in the open, at the site of the first Battle of Bakker fields.
November 28, 2007 Scroll.png Battle in Hulaferd Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Giblot-icon.pngWetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Assassin and Tilogian forces made short work of the small defending army in Hulaferd.
December 4, 2007   Change of General After General Thyra was elected Dictator, she stepped down from the position of General, and re-appointed Evil Revan.
December 5, 2007 HalfScroll.png Small battle in Hulaferd Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Not much to say...
December 8, 2007   War! After months of false neutrality, Giblot finally declared war on the Assassins, under the pretext of defending their ally Wetham. In reality, it was an opportunistic grab for land.
December 11, 2007 Scroll.png Defense of Hulaferd Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Due to the work of a skilled Assassin infiltrator, half of Wetham's army didn't make the battle, and those that did were slaughtered.
December 12, 2007 Scroll.png Defense of Hulaferd, Act II Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Despite their crushing defeat in the last battle, the second half of Wetham's army arrived the next day to reinforce, and set up a defense. They didn't stand a chance.
December 15, 2007 Scroll.png Undead in South Bakker Rogue-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Dagger-icon.png The undead seem to be getting more aggressive as of late...
January 2, 2008 Scroll.png Attack on Hulaferd Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Wetham forces regained control of Hulaferd for a short time, but a well-coordinated assault by the Assassins and Outer Tilog drove them out of the region.
February 2, 2008 Scroll.png Ambush! Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Wetham fell perfectly into a well-planned trap. They expected to wipe out the small defending force in Hulaferd without a problem, but failed to notice the large armies standing ready in Outer Tilog City and South Bakker - a blunder that cost them their army.
February 16, 2008 Scroll.png Wetham's Folly Rogue-icon.pngWetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.png Rogue-icon.pngWetham-icon.png The Army of Shadows has suffered very few major defeats, and this one rings out above them all. Wetham killed a noble of the Assassins, eliminating all feelings of mercy towards them, and sealing their fate....
February 25, 2008 Scroll.png Vengeance, Act I Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png In retaliation against Wetham for what happened last battle, the Assassins and Outer Tilog quickly launched an assault against Hulaferd, with plans to take the region once more.
April 9, 2008 Scroll.png Assault on Frundi Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png The result of months of planning and preparation; Wetham's army was devastated in Frundi, leaving their capital wide open.
April 10, 2008 Scroll.png Clean Up in Frundi Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Cleaning up the Wetham stragglers and militia in Frundi.
April 11, 2008 Scroll.png The Assault on Wetham's Walls Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Quite possibly one of the greatest moments in Assassin history. With the walls of their Capital City breached, Wetham's end seemed almost at hand.
April 12, 2008 Scroll.png The Assault on Wetham, Act II Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Without a large enough unit to begin the takeover, we decided to loot heavily until it was possible to start one. The main problem was, until a takeover could be started, Wetham would get the walls in battle.
April 13, 2008 Scroll.png The Assault on Wetham, Act III Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png It was after this battle that we decided to cut our losses, and leave the city for another day. We were simply taking too many casualties against the walls, and decided that a softer target would be better.
April 16, 2008 Scroll.png Defense of Frundi, Act I Wetham-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Dagger-icon.pngOT-icon.png Wetham forces launched a futile assault against the Assassin and Outer Tilogian takeover force stationed in Frundi.


Color Meaning
_ Major Battles
_ Important Battles
_ Of Medium Importance
_ Lesser Battles
_ Relatively Unimportant
_ Non-combat Events
Scroll.png This battle has a full report available.
HalfScroll.png Although there is no full report,
some information is available about
this battle (See: Undocumented battles)
NoScroll.png There is little, if any surviving
information about this event....
Dagger-icon.png Assassins
Wetham-icon.png Wetham
OT-icon.png Outer Tilog
Alebad-icon.png Alebad Alowca Giblot Lukon Oritolon
Rogue-icon.png (Rogue)

  • Note: Undocumented battles are the ones without a full battle report.
    All mini-reports from these battles can be found here.

The Soldiers of the Guild

Although the Assassins are small, most of our soldiers are better equipped and trained than many of the richest realms can boast of.
Quality over quantity has always been important, a single man can change the tide of a war....
Here's a look at some of the best troops the Guild's recruitment centers have to offer.

Assassins in Training Dark Guards Silence Tyrant's Shadow Bakker Infantry North Bakker Guard Shadow Riders
Type: Infantry Type: Archers Type: Special Forces Type: Special Forces Type: Infantry Type: Infantry Type: Cavalry
Training: 60% Training: 55% Training: 55% Training: 50% Training: 35% Training: 25% Training: 55%
Weapons: 95% Weapons: 80%-4 lines Weapons: 85%-4 lines Weapons: 75% Weapons: 50% Weapons: 40% Weapons: 45%
Armor: 95% Armor: 70% Armor: 85% Armor: 35% Armor: 65% Armor: 50% Armor: 60%
Home: Dark Citadel Home: Dark Citadel Home: Dark Citadel Home: South Bakker Home: South Bakker Home: North Bakker Home: North Bakker

The Assassins
The History
The Army of Shadows
Hall of the Fallen
Dark Citadel Times

Note: The Assassins history is being updated and there is a lot more work to do on it. This includes all of the battle reports from the past few months and some more history. We'll try to keep this updated, and all in-character whenever possible . . .

Pictures are the work of Jason Engle