Ascalon Family

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The Ascalons were a family of farmers and traders. They grew vegetables and took care of the lands. They worship the Great Mother, a Goddess of fertility. Strange rituals were done on their lands, people were seen chanting incantations of fertility and dancing in the light of the Moon. A strange white glow was always surrounding them, as if they were blessed, ór cursed, others claim. Fact is their vegetables grew stronger and bigger every year... They made a lot of gold and could buy lots of extra land.

But other farmers and countries got jealous with them and began stealing. Entire crops were robbed: farmers were pressed to hand over a lots of gold to rogues if they wanted to stay alive. Many Ascalons barely could make a living, they could barely survive. So my father decided I had to make the difference! He sent me to the large castle of the Duke of Eaglin, Belenus, and there, after a training of a year and a day, I swore loyalty to Belenus and was knighted. Now don't think it wasn’t an easy training! It is an art, and has to be done precise. I’m not going to say that I’m a champion, but I can stand my ground.


Iana was the youngest daughter of the family. She’s a lady with long blond hair and green-brown eyes. Not a real beauty. She can’t stand dishonesty and injustice. She was raised on the lands but also in the battlefields. She saw many soldiers fight and die. She was the one who wandered out in the fields to find the wounded ones and healed them. She knows every wound and every herb that can help healing. Most important maybe, she knows how to find them. And that’s the main reason why the Duke of Eaglin, Belenus, has accepted her on his training grounds.