Arrassum Family

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Family Beginnings

The Arrassum Family started in Dwilight. They came from a war faring land and they learned at a young age the secrets of the battlefield from watching battles and reading books. There are 4 Arrassums in the first generation, Shiro, Shale, Stephanie, and Sielo (in that order). Shiro, Shale, and Stephanie are triplets, rare but it happened, Sielo is 6 years younger. These 4 are the first nobility in their family and they raised all the wealth and the individual prestige and honor to become nobles. The triplets then split there ways and the youngest stayed at the mansion that the four of them bought. Later, on Shale retired and returned to the family mansion; Sielo took his place among the active nobles in the Sultanate of Asena.

Current Situation

Shiro, 32 years old, has become a Marshal and Mentor for Terran.

Stephanie, also 32, Who retired after a long and interesting career to become a homemaker.

Shale, also 32, is living at the family mansion retired in Nebel.

Sielo is 26, he is a Martyr in the Sultanate of Asena.

Virish, new to the Nobility in the family, is a Knight in Talerium

Shiro - Madina

Stephanie - Retired

Shale - Retired

Sielo - Sultanate of Asena

Virish - Papania

Virish's Mentoring Book

Stories in Motion