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Reginauld Arakiss

Reginauld is the the second oldest son of the House Arakiss, first thrown to the lion claws to defend the honour of his family. As a knight of Calis and a Second command in the Guardians of Ered Luin army, his duty is mainly based in defending the borders of his homeland. As a part of many guilds he is well connected to the highest ranks of Cagilan Empire, which allowes him to support and finance his brothers on different continents. In his attempts to preserve his homeland he passed many challenges and dangers, but something is always inside him, beckoning him to leave the safety of his duty and pursue his goals on the first lines, 'cause that's where the heroes are born.

Reginauld has listened to his inner needs, and left the Guardians of Ered Luin. He proved that his quest is more important to him than his position. By the goodness of his liege Lord Pikku, he is now assigned to mighty army of Calis Lions, which is under command of Weylin Macduff. Calis Lions are currently waging wars with the Falasani warriors.

For long has Reginauld fought alongside the Lions, and ultimately his dedication was rewarded by Lordship of the small rural region named Rauxod. He was then transfered to Eaglin Elites, which was a decision that was hard for him to make. He spent some time as a Viscount of Rauxod, but his mind started to seek new frontiers and he decided to leave the battlefield forever. More and more he avoided the publicity his family name burdened upon him. One day he decided to forsake it and had left nobility at the age of 19. Where he is now, very few know. Some say that the world has opened up to Reginauld too soon when he was not yet ready to bare responsibility of it.