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Palidor's only son Baudouin spent a lot of his childhood days as an apprentice on many Courts across the world. The majority of his days of education were in Anacan though, which is a large city port located in the middle location on Far East. As a child he was always a very persistent and intrigued noble which lead to him being a man highly versatile in many fields of expertise. Baudouin excels in land governance, tax collection, trading affairs and sword fighting, while military leadership is perhaps his weakest spot, although he is not bad at it but simply mediocre. Baudouin is a man of medium height and medium strength - his vivid mind has always been his forte instead of brute strength. On the battlefield he appears heavily armored, which is a sign of wealth and reflection of his rich heritage. He is reported to be fully clad in armor, which was crafted from a precious ore of the Pates mountains and gifted to him on his graduation day by one of his mentors, having a steel helmet decorated by a dark red plume, holding a long spear to charge with and riding a war horse covered by gilded armor. Dismounted, he is seen battling with a two handed sword.
Once his uncle Giskard committed suicide Baudouin has been proclaimed as the leader of House Asterion since he was the only living heir of Asterion.

Kingdom of Cathay


On his seventeenth birthday Baudouin heard of terrible news that his father was dead. Since he was greatly tied to the city of his education, Anacan, and his only known relative, his uncle Giskard, was living just a hundred miles to the north, in Abilotiel, it was not unusual for him to remain in Anacan and start his service in the chivalrous Kingdom of Toupellon. At that time Toupellon was on the verge of revolt which eventually lead to the Kingdom splitting into two parts. As a loyal subject to Anacan Baudouin remained in the land that was soon to be known as Kingdom of Cathay. Once Cathay was created Baudouin was awarded with Lordship of Isular and the honor to serve the Crown as the Royal Treasuer of Cathay. Not much later he was promoted from Isular to serve as the Margrave of Colasan, after which he became in charge of one of the historically most important city.