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Pontifex of Ibladesh‎
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As a son of Mythos, Abraxas has been followed by high expectations and envy from others during his whole life. Raised by a firm, military habits of his father, Abraxas has seen many things that usually are not fit for a child to see. As a loyal companion on Mythos' war campaigns against Itorunt, the images of war and destruction, but also victories and conquests, have carved deep into the young boys mind, forever shaping his view on the world. A childhood lived in such a way have made Abraxas a strong noble built on religious principles, and slightly a cruel man, although not as nearly as his father.

At the age of 18 when Mythos was mysteriously assassinated during his hunt, Abraxas was in rogue regions of Eldoret range, learning the lore of Ramsus. The mountains were a harsh place to live in, but still, he didn't want to come back to Ibladesh out of fear that conspiracy that felled his father is after his head as well. Hence he raised a family away from Ibladesh, while the noble Arrakis family continued to reside in Jariedma. However, at the age of 25, when the dust around his father's death has properly settled, he took his wife and his children with him to the south, and to Ibladesh. Upon his return the family in Jariedma recognized his noble background, and, without any known noble at that time, proclaimed Abraxas the patron and headmaster of the family.

Diocese of Aix

Abraxas' first service to Ibladesh was short-lived. He found the realm in its golden age as the Ibladeshi cohorts emerged victorious after the war with Perdan. With plenty of new claimed lands the Church of Ibladesh was about to embark on the colonization of Aix, and although Abraxas had many ties with Ibladesh, he joined the expedition and ventured to co-found Diocese of Aix. In Diocese he was rewarded with many titles and positions, including General, Judge and Banker, which earned more experience for the young noble. Ultimately, Abraxas was awarded the Duchy of Aix, and for long time reigned as a Duke of Aix. His reign was crowned by prosperity of Aix and the foundation of Paladins of Aix: an army tasked to defend the Ducal properties and the Diocesian Archbishop. However, as the old feuds of the past came to life again, war was short to come. Ibladesh broke their alliance with Caligus and charged forward with Diocese on their side against Caligus and Perdan. An ill-timed moment for such an act, it would seem, as after a good start the legions of the Church started to lose ground. One by one the provinces around Aix were set ablaze by Perdanese armies, and death ruled over the once serene land. Although Paladins fought bravely, the infidels have managed to surround Aix, and have tightened the noose around its neck. Several weeks before the city fell, Abraxas was abducted by Perdanese infiltrators, and sent on a ship to a distant land. For many moons did he wander, clueless of how to return to his homeland. But by Ramsus' divinity destiny brought Abraxas back home. He found a razed city and his realm destroyed. With nothing left to do, he picked up his sole belongings and started a trek to Ibladesh once more.

Return to Ibladesh

Portrait of Abraxas at the coronation for a new Pontifex of Ibladesh.

After the death of Diocese of Aix, Ibladesh has been losing ground at an uncontrolled speed. Mismanagement and depression have lurked inside the realm after many losses to the infidels. Abraxas held several positions of smaller importance at that time. However, with the wounding of Pontifex Theuderik Cuvelier the Throne of Ibladesh became empty, and Abraxas sought to use that chance to try and renew the glory of his father and to fight for a more prosperous age of his realm. He ran in the elections, and he won. Thus the son of Mythos climbed on the throne his father once held, and with the nobles of the south under his command, and Ramsus on his side, faced the unrelenting wrath of the fast approaching infidel armies. But they were too many. Soon Ibladesh was beset by the northerners pouring in from every corner. The tense diplomatic situation and the desperation of his realm took casualties on Abraxas and his health began to deteriorate to the point where he wasn't able to continue ruling as a Pontifex. At that time he managed to publish the only issue of the White City Herald before he stepped down in order to keep himself alive. Simultaneously, his son Gregorian become old enough to raise a sword and began to fight for Ibladesh and the Gods, and his first public actions were synchronized with his age, foolish and rash.

However, as it seems the hand of fate tightened the grip on the disciples of Ramsus even harder. As time went on defeat in war was imminent and soon the Duchies of Itorunt and Semall split off from Ibladesh. Xavax followed days later. The White City stood alone all of a sudden, and without any other hope on sight, the ruling clergy decided to seek peace terms. Later it turned out that the terms were way too severe as the enemies demanded destruction of the Church and Ibladeshi vassalage, plus many other terms which were impossible to fulfill. Exile of the Arrakis family and some other influentials within the Church were a demand as well. To cut the long story short, Ibladesh chose death instead of a dishonorable surrender, and Abraxas' devotion to the gods demanded nothing less than to die for them. Abraxas chose to embrace death on the walls of the White City with his people rather than to flee. Just before the ports were cut off he sent Gregorian away from the jaws of death, and as hours grew long Abraxas waited for the inevitable, firm in his belief in Ramsus that salvation will come in the afterlife.

Abraxas' fall in the final siege of the White City

After many moons of waiting the hour had finally arrived. The infidel legions surrounded the White City, eager to raze the city walls, defeat the defenders and slaughter the pious people that still praised the Gods of Ibladesh. The combined armies of Caligus and Perdan brought over 3000 men to siege the walls, and at dawn of that day over 90 siege engines marched for the walls with the bloodthirsty horde behind them. The defenders were badly outnumbered and Abraxas knew that his time is close at hand. He spent the last few hours within the Temple walls, praying to take as many infidels with him as he possibly could. With his mace in one hand, his shield in the other, and with prayer on his lips Abraxas fought like a lion on the red walls of Ibladesh. But the battle was long and enemies too many and eventually fatigue and many small cuts had blurred his vision, causing him to slowly start to lose his focus. As the tide of invaders got bigger and bigger his brave arms have finally been swept aside by the mass of enemy soldier and his unit was overrun. Many blades have reached his chest before he collapsed, but he was ultimately slain by Atanamir of Umbar, the General of Perdan. Thusly fell Abraxas of Arrakis family. He died a heroic death for the vision he served his entire life and proud and valuable is the legacy that is left behind him; his son Gregorian being the most precious. His death marked the beginning of the last days of the Most Pious Empire of Ibladesh. Abraxas was buried as a legendary hero and his funeral attracted friends and enemies to come and pay respect to his death. This event was poetically described by the family bard: "In a large ceremony, our family commemorates the dead Abraxas, a legend known all over the world. For days, the family graveyard swarms with his friends and admirers. Artists compose songs and poems about him, and young maidens cry in their chambers."