Arnel Family

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Arnel Family History

Viking at heart, and originally from Uforth, the Arnel family have been but a farming family for several generations. Only until a young and ambitious son of the family joined the army of Norland. His name was Chisil. A few months after his brother, Danro became an established priest and holds an elder rank in the Way of the Hammer. Seeing the small successes of his brothers, Telaph, traveled to the realm of Taselak to battle against all odds in a 2 front war.

After a couple of years, the brothers had progressed well. Chisil was now the Marshal of the Army of Odin's Spear and a member of the Miltary High Command in Norland. Danro preached the southern lands of Minas Ithil until he suffered a horrific beating from some enraged followers, he retired to Uforth and concentrated on preaching their solely. Telaph took part in the civil war of Avalon, where he had emigrated to, being a loyalist. He now fights for Fronen. However, they knew little of their family who had moved south from Uforth a generation ago, now was the time for their cousin to enter the stage, Erasel Arnel joined the army of Abington.