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Fourth born son of the House of Arn, Maladek cares not for mercy or weakness. He yearns to prove himself to his uncaring father, but knows deep in his heart that he never will. He feels some small joy when he burns a heretic, or when he sees others fail in their efforts, but otherwise the pleasures of the world turn to ash in his mouth.

He sleeps but little, and is plagued by dreams of death.

He briefly served in the Sabre of Eston army, and then the Eston Counter Assault Force, marching under the coat-of-arms of his House and the banner of his unit, the Arrowhearts. He exterminated many monsters, and the Arrowhearts were the very last unit to fall in many great battles, but he was not greatly liked by his fellow nobles and his men chafed under his rigid command.

Following a grievous head injury, Maladek began having holy visions of Doom and Destruction and the End of the World. Naturally, he became concerned about this and soon joined the priesthood of the Way of the Warrior Saints, abandoning nobility and the martial life. He soon rose in the priesthood's ranks to become the Carnifex Templar of the Holy Way.

He spends his endless days preaching to the unappreciative commoners, burning pagans alive, and cursing the name of other false religions. He secretly prays for Armeggedon to come, to wash away the miseries of the mortal world.

He also forces himself to make quantities of potatoe-salad to share with others, which is actually quite good and widely admired. Maladek, himself, cannot stand the stuff.

(Illustration graciously provided by A. Cox)