Aristoi Atamarism

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Aristoi Atamarism
The distribution of peasant followers of Aristoi Atamarism
Region Temple Size Shrine(s)
Anchorinn small temple (3) 1
Chasnoff 1
Dampinn small temple (3) 2
Dorton small temple (3) 2
Glassinn small temple (3) 2
Narville magnificent temple (6) 5
Riverholm 1
Stoneville large temple (5) 5
Sudfern small temple (3) 2
Suville awe-inspiring temple district spanning 3 blocks(10) 4
Swanfolk small temple (3) 2
Washford small temple (3) 2
Wayburg 0
Webgard primitive temple (2) 1
Werdham small temple (3) 2
Total Temples: 12
Total Shrines: 32
Noble Followers: 39
Priests: 5
Total Followers (est.): 168,113

Aristoi Atamarism was founded in the region of Washford on February 2nd, 2007 by Prophet Aeryn. The followers of Aristoi Atamarism are referred to as "The Aristoi", and their numbers have grown steadily. Many temples dedicated to Aristoi Atamarism were constructed in Abington in a very short period of time, most especially in the duchies of Suville and Narville. The temple in Suville was itself enlarged several times and eventually became the largest temple of any religion in the world. Slowly, the influence of the Aristoi spread to the duchies of Stoneville and, to a lesser extant, Riverholm and Wayburg. Aristoi Atamarism was once one of the largest religions on Atamara; however, the entire Abington Peninsula was ravaged by famine, and over 100,000 peasant followers died of starvation. The Aristoi, especially Messiah Callisto Maximoff, worked tirelessly to restore the affected regions to their former glory; however, Abington eventually dissolved into its respective duchies. Each new realm adopted its own religion, and the Aristoi became the official state religion of the Kingdom of Suville. The Aristoi are on very friendly terms with many religions on Atarama, the one exception being Magna Serpaensism which the Aristoi consider to be a threat to the general good and welfare of Atamara.


The Meter on display in the main Temple of the Aristoi, located in the heart of Suville.

The word "theology" is derived from the ancient Atamarean word "θέος", meaning "god". Hence, theologies tend to be primarily interested in gods and goddesses; however, religions are not synonymous with theologies. While religions tend to be heavily influenced by theology, religions are defined by their beliefs on a wider range of topics, such as morality and ontology. While the Aristoi frequently make reference to several deities, belief in such deities is neither required nor even encouraged. Instead, it is the importance of virtue that commands the greatest influence amongst Aristoi.

The most important beliefs of the Aristoi can be found in the religious text of Aristoi Atamarism, ό Μέτριος, which translates into modern Atamarean as "The Meter". It contains all the teachings of Aristoi Atamarism. While The Meter is a very esoteric text, all of the Aristoi agree that the Golden Rule is to "always act in accordance with the general good and welfare of Atamara and its people". Hence the name of the religion, "Aristoi Atamarism", which roughly translates as "for the best of Atamara". The story described in The Meter is an allegory told from perspective of Abington, the realm in which Aristoi Atamarism originated, but like most things in The Meter, the prominent role of Abington is not meant to be taken literally. Instead, Abington is taken to be an example, the lessons being applied to whatever realm you happen to swear fealty to. In this sense, Aristoi Atamarism is unique among the religions of the world: where most religions preach loyalty and obedience to their faith, the Aristoi preach loyalty and obedience to their realm. Consequently, two Aristoi of opposed realms would stand against one another on the battlefield in service to the the same faith. Indeed, as one scholar pointed out, it is quite possibly the only religion that can wage a religious war against itself without violating its own principles.

The Meter

The Meter is divided into three testaments, each of which are further divided into four books. It should also be noted that when the Middle Testament was written, Carelia was an ally of Abington, and Ash Sea Islands was an enemy of Abington. One must remember that, just like Abington is an example of a realm, Carelia and ASI are examples of allies and enemies, and are not meant to be taken literally as Carelia and ASI.

  • The First Testament
    • The Book of Genesis - Introduces the four "prime movers", and accounts for the creation of the world.
    • The Book of Exodus - Completes the creation story, and accounts for the greatness of Abington.
    • The Gospel of Pragma - The knowledge given to the Abingtonians by Pragma, including the Commandment of Justice.
    • The Gospel of Kalos - The knowledge given to the Abingtonians by Kalos, including the Commandment of Harmony.
  • The Middle Testament
  • The Last Testament
    •  ???
    •  ???
    •  ???
    •  ???


The followers of Aristoi Atamarism currently recognize a single holiday, called "Auta Amera". It is observed once per month as a celebration of the anniversary of their founding, which occurred on February 2nd, 2007. The name "Auta Amera" is a transliteration of the ancient Atamarean "αυτη ημέρα", meaning "The day itself". Participation can be either public or private, and in either case is completely voluntary.


Like most religions, Aristoi Atamarism has a rigid structure, however, only elder ranks represent authority within the order, and they are collectively referred to as the Council of Elders. The remaining ranks are honorary, serving to recognize a noble for his or her contribution to the order.

Rank Title Description
Elder Prophet Only the founder of Aristoi Atamarism can be the Prophet, and she serves as one of the two Regents.
Elder Messiah Only the savior of Aristoi Atamarism can be the Messiah, and she serves as the other Regent, equal to the Prophet.
Elder Pontifex Maximus Exclusive to the priest-class member appointed by the coregency to lead the other priests.
Elder Elder Any number of nobles can be an Elder, and they collective serve as the Advisory Council to the Coregency.
Elder Priest Exclusive to all and only priest-class members.
Member Senior Temple Patron Similar to the Temple Patron rank, except they have both built a temple and donated 300 gold.
Member Temple Patron Similar to the Patron rank, except Temple Patrons have either built a temple or donated 300 gold to the treasury.
Member Senior Patron Similar to the Patron rank, except Senior Patrons have donated at least 50 gold in addition to the monthly fee.
Member Patron For those who believe in Aristoi Atamarism, but do not wish to contribute gold to its cause.
Aspirant Follower For new believers in the faith awaiting promotion to Patron.

Aristoi Academy

Aristoi Academy, located on the coast of Suville, near the main temple of the Aristoi.

Aristoi Academy was begun by the Arylon brothers, Taran and Fisc, with the support and assistance of the Arete sisters, Aeryn and Averyll. Before becoming the Pontifex of Toren, Averyll was a successful mentor, many of whose students also rose to positions of prominance in her realm. Independent of anything her sister had done, Aeryn founded Aristoi Atamarism in Abington. Aeryn and the Aristoi believe that everyone, not just the Aristoi, have the potential for greatness, but that their potential can only be realized through proper education and experience. Later, Fisc followed in Averyll's footsteps and became a mentor in Toren, while Taran followed in Aeryn's footsteps and became a priest of Aristoi Atamarism. Together, Fisc and Taran realized that if they combined Aeryn's philosophy with Averyll's curriculum, they would have an effective and efficient educational system. Thus, Aristoi Academy was born. It's central facility is located in Suville, near the main temple of the Aristoi, but it's mentors can be found in many parts of the world.