Ardarcil Family

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The favorite son with much ambition. Fierce in battle and a student of battlefield tactics. A member of Die Armee Der Kühe, the Taran elite army.

Military Service:

-Memeber Die Armee Der Kühe

-Stormed the Walls of Aja to help capture Tara's future capital. Tara/Battles/2-28-08 - Battle of Aja

-Sometimes commander of the Kühe in battles.


Constant conflict with family members. Free willed and easily annoyed. Followed his brother Kalanar to fight in the Great War. Became renowned for his swordplay and is one of Tara's great Heroes, inspiring the peasantry to fly the Taran banner.

Military Service:

-Gained fame throughout the realm for bravery on the battlefield.
-Second in Command of the Homeland Defense Army