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The family of Arc originated on the East Continent, in the territory of Kazan, under the realm of Old Rancagua. Arc's have a long bloodline rich in military history. Traditionally, family members are well disciplined and hard working, loyal to their brethren and the realm they serve. They see it as their duty to their realm and family history to serve in the military, and are bound to bring glory and honour to the family name.

Family Members:





Fenix Arc:

Fenix is the first born son of the Arc family. As such, he is bound by all the pressures of responsibility that follow his age. Being the eldest son, he is the heir to the family estate. Fenix was raised on principals of honour, loyalty, duty, and respect. From a young age he was trained with the sword. At the age of 21, he set off for Ashforth seeking a military career to carry on his family tradition and bring honour to himself.

As the sounds of war drums pounded across the land, the young warrior enlisted in the Fearless Legions of Old Rancagua. Fenix lead an infantry unit in the first wave of attackers to land on the beaches of Stora. The first wave of the Legions was too few, and hopelessly outnumbered against their Avamarian and Kalmarian foes. During the battle, he was seriously wounded and captured by Avamar Selective forces. His unit was beaten and scattered, and the survivors deserted when they were not paid. Slowly his wounds healed and he was released from prison, returning home to Ashforth defeated. Determined to not repeat the past, the battle scarred noble used the cease fire period to train a new unit hard.

After the brief cease fire, the Legions returned to the war path. This time Fenix was ready for the hells of combat, and he fought heroically from the beaches of Stora to the ramparts of Kalmar City. With the downfall of Avamar Selective, he stayed on the islands to help rebuild the war torn city, waiting until a new colony could be established. With the founding of the Obsidian Islands, Fenix returned home to Old Rancagua and tended to his family estates in Kazan while participating in rudimentary military exercises in the Duchy of Kazakh.

Before long Fenix was able to have a taste of his life long dream; a temporary position as stand in Marshal was given to him while Sir Aleister was away. This period only reaffirmed his aspiration to one day lead his fellow nobles into glorious victory for the realm, a hope that would soon be realized. Soon enough Sir Aleister was promoted to High Marshal of Old Rancagua, and his replacement was to be an Arc. The new Marshal worked hard to train the fresh troops of the Fearless Legions in to a well disciplined fighting force. Feeling the constraints of a Marshal's expenditure requirements on a knight's pay, Fenix applied for a position as a region lord and soon became the Count of Salta.

Though it pained him to move away from his family home and his army, he set up his new estate in Salta and watched over the people there. Fenix now spends his time between administrative work in his Salta estate, working with the army, and traveling to Ashforth in his free time to entertain his troops and train his skills at the local academy.