Ar Pharazon Family

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The Ar Pharazons

The Ar Pharazon family hails from Todtpiz in the Grand Lodge Of Lunaria. They have a fame of 5 and 1135 gold of family wealth.

House Ar Pharazon is a young family formed from a marriage between two wily merchents hundreds of years ago. The descendants of this union have ranged far and wide, spreading throughout the East of the known world. Most of the family now lives in the East Continent, in the lands of Old Rancagua. The family is known for their pragmatism and reserved natures.

House Ar Pharazon is not known for being a family of warriors, most of the family is concerned with scholarly pursuits and the family has a penchant for becoming very spiritual.

The men of the family are genrally untried as warriors, but are nonetheless fearsome when defending a cause they are passionate about

Family Members: