Ar Agyr/Old Ar Agyyr

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Before the first invasion

Ar Agyr was one of the original realms on Beluaterra. It was started in the city of Agyr. During the first age they were uprooted from the city of Agyr by Melhed, who later became Ar Agyr's ally. Ar Agyr and Melhed helped ravage Helenon's lands before Helonon fell to the first undead invasion. We also know that at one point they were allied with Mesh fighting against Fronen. They were frequently either allied with or fighting against Lin Helonon during their war with Old Grehk when Old Grehk wanted to annihilate Ar Agyr. Despite this, Ar Agyr initially helped Grehk fight Old Grehk during the First Grehk Civil War.

After the first invasion

After the first undead invasion, Ar Agyr found itself alone in the north and holding the city of Unger. The realm expanded to encompass the city of Sandefur and Lin Helon as well as the stronghold of Nuzanki and all the lands between them. At the height of it's power the northern empire also held Jedinchel, Qual and Vore under its banner.

The Great War

Ar Agyr and Melhed began a war against Fronen. Old Grehk chose to remain neutral during the whole war. While Ar Agyr and Melhed made great strides against Fronen the political climate of the island soon made Ar Agyr the target for everyone on the island. The combined armies of Ar Agyr and Melhed were soon fighting not only Fronen, but also Mesh, Riombara, Enweil and Ashborn. Despite the odds, Ar Agyr and Melhed fared quite well. The war ceased only after it was clear the second undead invasion was about to begin.

The Fall of an Empire

While Ar Agyr had fared quite well in the war, it had left the empire weakened. The second undead invasion also hit the north first, which made Ar Agyr one of the first realms to have to face them. As the invasion was on its way, the duke of Lin Helon chose to secede from Ar Agyr, thus making it that much more difficult for the empire to stand. The last Prime Minister of Ar Agyr was Medera Deus, who had the unfortunate pleasure of watching the undead ravage and take over Unger.

As Ar Agyr fell, many of the nobles there found refuge in either Old Grehk or Melhed. Later on the Ar Agyrians would find themselves at odds with each other. The Ar Agyrians from Old Grehk formed Thalmarkin and the Ar Agyrians from Melhed formed Valentia. Both wanted the old lands for themselves, but both had to live with the other realm.