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The Anthas family hails originally from Beleriel in Falasan on Atamara

Active Members

Talimer Anthas

(formerly known as END)

The first member of the Anthas family to begin his career, onced served Falasan as a mentor and as a knight of Sir Yavuz Kalkandelen, Baron of Nazgorn. Rather quiet vocally, he prefers to spend time alone, but is more than willing to make himself heard when needed. Recently, he moved to Dwilight, after feeling unnoticed and unappreciated, joining Grand Duchy of Fissoa, soon swearing his allegiance to the the Viscount of Munawai. After serving the leadership of the Fissoan nobles for some time, he was elected as the Grand Duchy's Lord Justicar, taking command of the legal system.

Armies served (in chronological order)

Katan Anthas

  • Defterdar of Asena, Baron of Gadlock
  • Sponsor and Lieutenant of Valour of the Marsh

began his career in the Realm of Fontan. He learned much during his time there, having once served a a bureaucrat, although for only a short time. Having been a proud member of Fontan's elite, the Lions, he had learned invaluable experience in the art of siege craft, having been involved in the sieges of Fontan, Akesh Temple, Ashforth, and Kazakh. When the realm of Fontan captured the region of Gadlock he was appointed as it's Baron. A fortnight later, when Fontan captured Kazakh, he had sworn the allegiance of Gadlock to the duchy of Kazakh. A short time later, the duchy of Kazakh seceded from Fontan, giving birth to the Sultanate of Asena. As soon as internal bureaucracy was taken care of, he was appointed as Defterdar for his services in the founding of the realm. And contrary to popular belief within Asena, Katan isn't actually overweight, he instead prefers heavy arms and armour.

Armies served (in chronological order)

Picco Anthas

  • Lord
  • Lieutenant of The Army of Old Grehk

Picco is the bastard brother of Talimer. His father spent the night with a common woman, and a few months later, when he found that she was with child, arranged for her deportation to Beluaterra. He grew up there as a commoner, knowing of his father's noble heritage. When he turned seventeen, he left his home in rural Old Grehk, seeking a life of adventure. After several months of hunting monsters and slaying undead, his dream was finally realized: the nobility finally recognized his claims, and he now serves the Viscount of Gemke. On his right leg, he bears a gruesome scar, received from the barbaric torture at the hands of Royal Arbitrator of Neo Grehk, Azer Wexler. Through his hard work and sacrifices, Picco was able to prove himself worthy, and was appointed as Baron of Kell when it was captured from Neo Grehk. Unfortunately, the position was short lived before Neo Grehk was able to reclaim Kell as part of their domain.

Armies served (in chronological order)

Aimii Anthas

  • Dame of Remton
  • Member of the Field of Honour

Aimii is the younger sister of Talimer, and had decided upon a military career in Arcaea. After a few days after beginning her career, she became a Dame of Remton, serving under Duchess Marle Crowley.

Armies served (in chronological order)

Retired Members


Deceased Members

Archid Anthas


The twin brother of Katan, he spent his short career leading archers in Taselak. He died a hero's death on the fields of Lesthem.

===Celad Anthas=== (formerly known as Lord)


Celad began his career in Taselak, to avenge the death of his younger brother, Archid. Also proclaiming himself as a hero, he was a proud member of Taselak's elite army, the Heavy Strikers Group. During his career in Taselak, he invented the Pub-Mobile, a transportable source of entertainment not just to his brothers-in-arms, but on several occasions, to his enemies as well. Of course, not everything about his life there was about glory: In one battle in Lesthem, he had gone into battle without pants, which led to much controversy, as several female troop leaders were wounded in combat, and he maintains that he was on the other side of the battle lines at the time. During his time in Taselak, he was appointed as Count of Lesthem, and was able to construct a memorial to his brother Archid, who gave his life there for his kingdom. However, Toren was soon able to recapture Lesthem from Taselak, leaving him without a county. However, several months later, he became the Count of Unlib, a region in the East of the South East Island, a seat he held onto until the sinking of the South East Island, at which point he and the Pub-Mobile Emigrated to Fontan on the East Continent, where he soon found service, swearing an oath to the Count of Commonyr. When Fontan had secured the city of Oligarch from Sirion, he had offered his services to the new Duke.

Celad died in the battle of Parm at Sunrise on 18-5-2008.

Armies served in during his lifetime

Family Fame


FB Lord.png
Sum: 2 points

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Prestige: 10
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
Sum: 5 points

Sum: 1 points

Sum: 4 points

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Exceptional Skill
FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
Sum: At least 2 point

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Sum: 1 points

Total: 15 points