Al Amarah

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Region Details
Continent located on::East Continent
Region Type is regiontype::Townsland
Geographic Area East Coast
Population population::14800
Economy Trade, Manufacturing
Realm / Duchy part of::Shadowdale / part of::Shadow's Bluff
Local Lord Foxen Carmine

Al Amarah, a townsland region that lives off both Karbala City's trade and Montijo's rural Farming. The Region was well named: Amarah meaning "Trader" in the current language spoken in most realms on the East Continent. On the coast is the Elven Bay in which Sirion river drains, making Al Amarah the last stop port before the unsafe current near Karbala's Coast, all whose tried to sail their ships on the southeastern side have ended their journey by running aground do to the same winds that send ships off to sea on the northeastern side of the bay.

Al Amarah was occupied by Fontan for much of the time during the war, They even had control of AL Amarah before the war. Even though the shared history, Sirion took control of this region before they found the end of the Great War. The former Fontanese lordship estate was torn down for practical reasons, and the new one is located on the Northern coast of its borders, build to withstand the heavy winds received on the coast.

Now, Al Amarah is being reborn as a shared cultural border region. Some Adjusting to Sirion life. This has caused much unrest in Al Amarah at times, between some Elf Hate groups and its new immigrants. However daily actions are taken by vigilantes to stop any major incident like an out-right attack. The most said and done are hateful names.

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