Al'Drakkon Family

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A young family with estate in Ansalle of the Cagilan Empire. The Al'Drakkon family are faithful of Way of the Warrior Saints despite the prevalence of The Order in the Empire. The two eldest brother's, Xann and Ragnar, hope to make a name for themselves. Xann has joined in the defense of his empire, whereas Ragnar set off on a journey of self discovery.

Recent News

Xann joined as a Knight of the Cagilan Empire.

Xann joined The Army of Ered Luins, in defense of Cagilan.

Xann helped fend off monsters in Hidale.

Xann helped fend off hordes of undead in Hidale.

Xann has become a knight of Ansalle, under Count Tiberius.

Xann helped fend off monsters in Strahan, though at heavy cost.

    6 dead, 9 hospitalized.  
    +1 died, +1 recovererd, seven still hospitalized.

Xann is headed to Anasalle to secure his estate.

Ragnar set off on a journey of self discover. His whereabouts are unknown to even his family.

Ragnar has sent news home. He has taken grave wounds in the wilderness. His letters make heavy mention of the Unmaking.


Eldest of the Al'Drakkon boys. Xann is a personable young nobleman who lives a life of ideals. He has become a knight of the Cagilan Empire leading a detachment of infantry in hopes of making a name for himself. A member of the home defense forces Xann has bloodied his blades near the capital fighting monsters and undead. He has lost two soldiers to the battles, but has taken on and trained ten in there place.


Second son in the Al'Drakkon family. Ragnar is stern by nature, as well as being meticulous, believing all things have there place in the order of things. He has set off on a journey of self discovery in hopes of returning a man.