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House Akawara


The House of Akawara holds its beginnings long in the past and is believed to have been split off from another family somewhere far in history.

The first known member of House akawara was Condan Cardew he claimed himself descendant of the Akawara after stumbling upon an anceint stone tablet bearing the name and a short geneology which showed one of his ancestors as a member of House Akawara. Seeing as how he promptly hid the tablet away in a store room of his estate after having all the banners changed to match the description listed on the tablet noone could tell if any other members of the House still lived and as such he was made Lord of House Akawara. He was a greedy man and wound up spending his fortune on whores and alcohol and so he soon had to gain money quickly to keep up his habits. He decided to accept people as honorary members of Hosue Akawara for a measurable donation of gold. As a result a large number of Wealthy families became members of the House and he as Lord of the House controlled all their wealth until he eventually had squandered all but a little of it away and then he moved on to selling off the land from under them. His hiring of whores did not have its side effects as well he eventually bore a child by one whore who was only 18 at the time. She told him and he nearly killed her if not for his Sister who was his only living biological relative and very intelligent. She convinced him to keep the baby and take the woman as his wife. He did as his cunning sister suggested and soon the woman bore him a son but she died in childbirth and he was left ruler without ties once more. The rest of the house new the danger this presented and his sister then had him executed and claimed the seat of power for herself. Although she had come to power through trickery she was a good Leader and treated all members of the house fairly but once he nephew had come of age he tried to take control of the House for himself. She was infuriated and Attempted to kill him but he was a skilled fighter and killed everyone of her assassins and mercenaries and finally he killed her with his own blade. He then took the seat as lord of the House and lead it fairly and just for many years his wife only bearing two sons named Woren and Riker. When he died suddenly one day his heir had not been named and since both sons were of age a feud began with Woren naming his Faction the Genesis and Riker naming his the Devils. The Genesis and the Devils fought for many years before Woren and Riker met on the field of battle during which Riker struck Woren in his ribs and cut off his left hand. Before Riker could kill Woren his eldest daughter ran out onto the feild begging Riker to spare him. Riker Agreed but took Woren's Daughter to be his Bride and banished the rest of the Genesis Faction from the Clan forever.

Modern Day

Now, more than 100 Years after the feud, House Akawara has nearly collapsed very few known members are still alive.

Known Members of House Akawara

Akkiko Akawara of the Devils