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United through adversity, the Akadian League was devoted to oaths, nobility being blood, competence, and government accountability. We were engaged in the Northern Purification War against Ohnar West for these values; when the war ended in defeat, the realm disappeared. The history of the Akadian League is kept here for future generations



Magna Aenilia Ecclesia and The Church of Sartan are the dominant religions at the moment, but The Way of the Adgharhin has a presence as well.

Akadian-icon.pngRealm Border Signs

We welcome our fellow Akadians back home after a victorious military campaign. Visitors from abroad are welcomed to the lands as well. Our enemies are welcome to drink with us in the afterlife. Noblewomen are welcome at Duke Hamilton's estate.


The history is short as Akadian League has only recently entered Far Eastern politics; its short history is much better chronicled than other realms' longer histories however.


Duke Hamilton Vita had grown disastisfied with Ohnar West due to its continued incompetence and random attacks upon his person and other innocent nobles, but when letters against noble blood were written, it was the last straw.

A small realm that was created after Akanos joined Arcachon from Ohnar West on February 28, 2009, in response to a ban that had been placed upon Duke Hamilton Vita by Duke Balthazar Bathgate of Ozrat due to a letter that King Jenred Bedwyr of Arcaea had leaked to Prime Minister Cornelius II Hsieh. A few days later(March 2, 2009) the realm seceded and declared independance, whereupon Ohnar West immediately declared war upon the rebel state. Arcaea declared war, but soon ended the war, began better relations with Akadian League, and dropped relations with Ohnar West after King Jenred's confused state after his concussion in Isular wore off.

Akadian League had a very turbulent beginning. Due to being caught off guard by the ban, the military forces were not prepared. Due to having changed allegiance to a realm with a distant capital before the secession, the regions were in poor control with loyalty and morale being about 30% and only having provincial control. In addition, there was confusion with the secession that resulted in all the estates going idle(OOC: bug). There were early concerns of invasion by Arcachon and Arcaea. These were all resolved in due time as the lords worked to improve their regions, war was averted with Arcachon, and an alliance was signed with Arcaea.

Akadian-icon.pngNorthern Purification War

Akadian-icon.pngInitial Skirmishes

Northern Purification War
Date March 2007-ongoing
Location Central Far East
Result Ongoing
Akadian League
Greater Aenilia
Ohnar West
Hamilton Vita
Kayne II Himoura
Caim Haerthorne
Euran Yetisbane Kandurell
Mat Starfall
Cornelius Hsieh
Kalak Carna
1,700 men 1,000 men
800 500

Ohnar West moved quickly and took military occupation of Pesol and promptly began a takeover. Kayne II quickly attacked Larodais with his cavalry, winning the battle. The army rallied in Upasael and moved to Hosiel in a deceptive move. Winning the battle and wounding all three of the enemy nobles, including Prime Minister Cornelius II Hsieh and Count Iceberg Slim, Knight Dekion Flockhart began a takeover. Another skirmish occurred which Akadian League won as well and wounded another noble. Pesol converted to Ohnar West about this time and Duke Louis and his 140 men moved to Upasael and began a takeover.

Forces from Akanos and Hosiel moved to stop him in an attempted midnight(ooc: semi-late turn) move when scouts showed no one from Pesol moving to join him. Meanwhile, Hosiel's takeover was continued to be attempted Scouts later showed Duke Balthazar moving and the takeover attempt was scratched in place of stopping Upasael's takeover. Minister of Finance and Countess Anastasia Malitia showed up to assist Duke Louis and Duke Balthazar at the last moment. The battle was close, but the Akadian League won. The poor wind was attributed as a cause as the Akadian League was archer heavy and expected to do decent ranged damage before close combat. Duke Louis force was cut in about half however and Minister of Finance Anastasia Malitia was wounded. Ohnar West won the following skirmish as Akadian League retreated to Akanos. Another battle was attempted in Pesol, but it went in Ohnar West's favor. The Akadian League again withdrew to Akanos. Shortly after this, and a bit sooner than expected, Upasael was conquered by Ohnar West. A looting raid upon Pesol successfully committed.

Akadian-icon.pngInfiltrator Irony

Tilted Brim Slim had been suspected of various crimes against the nobility of Akanos Duchy for some time. He had been caught once before and bought his freedom under the first Lord Justiciar, Dekion Flockhart. Lord Justiciar Dekion Flockhart was a merciful judge who sought a merciful prisoner agreement with Duke and Minister of Justice Balthazar Bathgate. However, an infiltrator stabbed Lord Justiciar Flockhart and inflicted him with a serious wound. This was again suspected to be Tilted Brim's doing. Ironically, a more cruel judge, Kayne II Himoura was elected. And to cap this all off, Renfield Immortals captured Tilted Brim sneaking around his camp and sent him to Lord Justiciar Himoura's dungeon. Unfortunately Tilted Brim escaped the dungeons for a second time.

Akadian-icon.pngFurther Skirmishes

Then, Athios joined the Akadian League from Arcachon. Using these new forces, an attack into Pesol commenced. The Pesol Onslaught was a match between two near-equally strong forces in a windstorm. Despite Ohnar West winning the battle, it was a pyrrhic victory as Ohnar West lost half of their strength while Akadian League was hardly dented. In addition, it came down to a humorous combat between two archer units in the windstorm.

When Baron Darius Exiled of Arempos visited to financially assist the Akadian League, he was invited to join a raid upon Pesol. It was supposed to be an easy raid upon Fallin's archer unit. However, Ohnar West, surprisingly, moved about 150 men into the region and decimated the raiding party. Due to Baron Exiled's presence, it was quite an embarrassing battle for the first time Arcaea had joined the Akadian League.

The External Revenue Service retreated to Akanos, collected its tax, and moved to Upasael where it had a successful skirmish before losing a second battle. The army again retreated to Akanos. About this time, Lanfrank Capet was quickly killed in a death duel by Gabriel de Grenefield. The reasons for the duel was that Gabriel was defending Caeylae Ene Zu-Algrund honor from Lanfrank's insults.

Akadian-icon.pngTide Turns

Meanwhile, attempts to return Athios failed due to various reasons such as travel delays and Pontifex Octavio not showing up. Shortly after these events an alliance was signed with High King Luyten Dell of Greater Aenilia and talks began with High King Ranulf Miles of Cathay. Eventually, Athios was returned to Arcachon after many unfortunate and unstoppable delays by both numerous parties.

Another battle was decided in Ohnar West's favor in Upasael after a disagreement between Lord Commander Severus and Lord Treasurer and Marshal Caim resulted in only part of the External Revenue Service moving. It was shortly after this that Lord Commander Severus disappeared. The first election for Lord Commander began shortly thereafter.

Mosesadelphia lowered relations from peace to neutral after heated letters between Lord Protector Hamilton and Tony Capo. Prime Minister Cornelius II had convinced Mosesadelphia and Soliferum that Lord Protector Hamilton had lied as to the letters when the reverse was true. It was shortly after this tht Prime Minister Cornelius II began to worry about the fate of Ohnar West as Greater Aenilia and Arcaea moved to assist the Akadian League. In a battle with Arcaea, a unit of Ohnar West's was defeated in Upasael.

Due to confusion by the minor nobility, Lord Justiciar Kayne II Himoura was elected Count of Athios, part of Arcachon. He remained in the Akadian League for a few hours before being switched to Arcachon by the minor nobility. He rejoined within a day, but he had lost his judicial position. Dekion Flockhart was elected the new Lord Justiciar. Meanwhile, a skirmish against Ingus was lost by the Akadian League in Hosiel.

Akadian-icon.pngExpansion Begins

It was at this time that Akadian League had more nobles within its one city than Ohnar West had throughout two duchies. Due to investments by Dekion Flockhart, Renfield Immortals, and Hamilton Vita, along with high tax rates and constant courts by Duke Vita, the knights had a considerably high amount of gold despite their small 5% oaths.

Soon, Lord Bruiantt began a brutal takeover of Upasael with Arcaea's support. On March 23, 2009, Gabriel de Grenefield was elected the second Lord Commander. During the takeover, there were numerous ill-fated attacks upon the region by Ohnar West, which were easily smashed by Arcaea and the Akadian League. The region was deemed to need excessive looting, but King Jenred and High King Luyten insisted that the peasants not be intentionally killed or raped. As a result, such actions were deemed illegal by Lord Justiciar Dekion Flockhart. Though it took quite some time, Upasael eventually converted.

Arcaea's main force began a retreat, exposing Upasael. This enticed Ohnar West to an attack, but some Arcaeans and the Greater Aenilians joined the Akadian League. The numbers of men were nearly equal, but the defenders had nearly twice the strength of Ohnar West, which was soundly defeated. Duke and Strategic Commander Louis Lious was wounded. This became known as the Glorious Slaughter

Greater Aenilia and the Akadian League then marched on Larodais in another resounding victory that wounded Prime Minister Cornelius II Hsieh and former Prime Minister Fallin McBlathery while capturing Count Iceberg Slim and Minister of Justice and Duke Balthazar Bathgate. On March 29, 2009, Lord Commander Gabriel was seriously wounded and Baron Bruiantt Du Blois and Duke Hamilton Vita unanimously ran a quick election that voted Kayne II Himoura into the position.

Akadian-icon.pngPeak power and Arcaea disengagement

At about that time, the region of Pesol switched loyalty to the Akadian League, bringing the League to its top expansion. The newly acquired regions, however, were not very productive and demanded much attention before they could be secured. Furthermore, a hard winter came by and there was not enough food to feed Akanos, which starved in the winter, depleting the League's economic base.

The glorious slaughter also marked the last time Arcaea came to the League's help, as they were preoccupied with Soliferum and Mosesadelphia, which were allied to Ohnar West and threatened a northern invasion. Greater Aenilia continued military support, but their longer supply lines meant every gain made with their help would be rapidly reversed. Sasrhas was looted, but to seemingly little effect as Ohnar West's armies were rapidly rebuilt. Upasael was lost and regained and lost again.

Akadian-icon.pngAkadian League Collapses

What happened then is not clear, as nobles would keep information even from their own scribes, fearing they would be spies. What is known is that after a successfull rebellion led by Caim Haerthorne, a treaty with Ohnar West was accepted and most nobles departed the league. Left alone in the capital that was being stormed by enemy forces, scribes decided to write down in the archives what they knew, understanding that the thruth probably lay somewhere in between.

Akadian-icon.pngDuke Hamilton Vita's Version

I had taken a long hunting trip, entrusting the realm in Lord Protector Caim's hands. While I was prepared for the dukeship to be handed over to Lord Bruiantt, Lord Protector Caim wished it to stay in my hands and appointed Dekion as Regent on my behalf.

When I had returned from my lengthy trips, which were full of many excellent memories in the woods south of Akanos, Joseph had illegitimately stolen the dukeship from me. He was asked to step down, but refused. Furthermore, he had broken oaths in the past as lord of Pesol by prohibiting Aeniliac priests from preaching. When he had become duke, he closed a Sartan temple(breaking another oath) and built a temple to Adghar(breaking a third oath). I organized with supporters to see myself voted into Lord Treasurer so the issue could be forced upon the imposter.

However, I soon learned that Joseph was further betraying the realm by selling military secrets to the commoners of Ohnar West. Dekion was Lord Protector and Lord Justiciar, however. Joseph couldn't be banned because of his status as Lord Treasurer, a position I had once held. So I organized once again, several protests. This saw his prestige, fortunately, drop quite low among Far East's nobility. He was one of the least prestigious in the Akadian League. And finally, he lost his position. Azure was appointed Lord Treasurer.

As an additional note, Lord Bruiantt had been one of my trusted, but I had lost confidence in him after his lack of trust regarding Joseph's betrayal. Furthermore, he informed Dekion and I that there were other spies among us, but wouldn't inform us who they were. I suspect he knew of Joseph's treason and was party to it and felt the need to defend it. His betrayal stung the most.

Dekion at this point posted information about Joseph further betraying the realm with removal of key militia from the city. And it was then that it all became apparent. Caim launched a rebellion against the nobility and assisted in the final destruction of Akanos. There has been a treaty in works with Ohnar West to see Akanos return to their commoner rule. Part of it included the removal of the nobility from Akanos. This was established through Bruiantt, Joseph, and Caim's treasonous actions.

A plea to Arcaea, in exchange for loyalty, was sent to the royalty and dukes, but was promptly rejected by the King. It was at this point I knew the cause was lost and save for Greater Aenilia, the Far East was lost in a dark cloud of commoner-worship and oath-breakers. I began my journey to Itorunt.

While traveling, I was stabbed and seriously wounded an hour from Nahad. As I returned to health, I saw Caim's true betrayal take its form in the essence of a new title of Prince and a system of monarchy.

Akadian-icon.pngDuke Joseph von Genf's Version

When Lord Protector Caim was taken to prison by Ohnarian forces, Duke Dekion Flockhart was elected Lord Protector and automatically lost his title to the Dukeship, as the constitution states. He asked to be re-elected Duke immediately. Being the only region Lord in service, I had the right to choose whomever I wished. Moreover, the constitution clearly states "Resignations should indicate that the person is not willing to ever hold that office again". As such I felt Dekion had no right to ask to be given back the Dukedom. Furthermore, he would then have concentrated in his hands the titles of Lord Protector, Lord Justiciar and Duke, and I did not trust him with that much power. I voted myself to be the new Duke of Akanos.

I rapidly saw how right I had been. Instead of recognizing the valid procedure, Dekion started a cabal to have me removed and get handed back the city, contrary to the constitution. Furthermore, he refused to perform the role of Lord Protector, by failing to communicate with our allies and organize the defense of the realm, even refusing to fight and convincing many other nobles to sit in the capital when our regions were attacked. Lastly, he changed the law without consultation to ensure he would avoid elections he was certain to lose. This, and the news that he tried to hire assassins against members of his own realm, convinced many of the nobles to join my side.

Unfortunately, it was clear that it would be impossible to fight a war with such a divided realm. Caim, back from prison but without his title, continued negotiations with Ohnar West that had been started under Arcachon's patronage, and eventually reached a deal whereas Akanos would be reintegrated into Ohnar West as an autonomous duchy with its current Lord. The deal was agreed, the militia disbanded and a rebellion took place to remove Dekion's tyranny. When the rebellion succeeded, Hamilton and Dekion left the realm for other realms or continents and those who agreed to the peace treaty joined Ohnar West.

Akadian-icon.pngHistorical Documents


In order to prevent future chaos, we strive for unity, accountability, and strength among our nobles. This shall be demonstrated foremost in the government.

Akadian-icon.pngGovernment Office

Akadian-icon.pngElection Procedure

Elections are to be held for anonymously 3 days unless a lord believes a quicker election is necessary. In that situation, lords will publicly send their votes to the Parliament. Once the last lord has voted, the election is completed.

Akadian-icon.pngOffice Terms

Offices are to be held for a quarterly term unless there are extraneous issues such as a resignation, assassination, death etc. Resignations should indicate that the person is not willing to ever hold that office again and should be rare.

Akadian-icon.pngLord Protector

The position of Lord Protector shall serve at the dukes' pleasure as they have the most interest in diplomacy being conducted well. The dukes shall demonstrate this through a representative vote. As such, the Lord Protector accepts the following oath by inherent virtue of his election.

I swear to defend the realm diplomatically on behalf of the dukes of the Akadian League. I am accountable to them and should take their opinions into consideration. I must share all messages of diplomatic nature with them. All dukes must be included in the Cabinet of the Lord Protector.

Akadian-icon.pngLord Commander

The position of Lord Commander shall serve at the lords' pleasure as they have the most interest in their regions being protected from internal and external threats. The lords shall demonstrate this through a representative vote. As such, the Lord Commander accepts the following oath by inherent virtue of his election.

I swear to defend the Akadian League from all internal and external military threats. I am accountable to the lords and should do my best to prevent their regions from leaving their hands. I must share all military communication with the War and Defence Council.

Akadian-icon.pngLord Justiciar

The position of Lord Justiciar shall serve at the nobles' pleasure as they have the most interest in justice being served. The nobles shall demonstrate this through an equal vote. As such, the Lord Justiciar accepts the following oath by inherent virtue of his election.

I swear to defend the Akadian League from commoner rebels and to preserve justice among the nobility. Nobility must be preserved from commoner influence. I am accountable to the nobles and should do my best to provide proper justice. I must share trials in an open nature with the realm.

Akadian-icon.pngLord Treasurer

The position of Lord Treasurer shall serve at the lords' pleasure as they have the most interest in wealth and food being cared for appropriately. The lords shall demonstrate this through an equal vote. As such, the Lord Treasurer accepts the following oath by inherent virtue of his election.

I swear to provide the Akadian League with enough food and to ensure that tax levels are reasonable. In addition, I must seek to build a surplus of food, a portion to be used for additional realm income. I am accountable to the lords and should do my best to serve their wishes in matters of food and wealth. I must work with the lords to ensure that their regions prosper.


The following seals should be used for various realm communication purposes: Cabinet of the Lord Protector(private), Parliament(public), and War and Defence Council(public).

Akadian-icon.pngCabinet of the Lord Protector

The Cabinet of the Lord Protector is the trusted council of the Lord Protector. Its main focus is on diplomacy, but other issues of importance may be discussed. All dukes are included, but the Lord Protector may add others he trusts.


The Parliament is the council of lords. Matters regarding oaths, food, wealth, estates etc. are discussed here. Lords may remain on the council for 30 days after they lose a lordship due to military methods.

Akadian-icon.pngWar and Defence Council

The War and Defence Council is the military council. Military matters are discussed here. Marshals, Vice Marshals, and the Lord Commander are to be included. The Lord Protector may add anyone here he wishes. The Lord Commander should have anyone he requests added. The Parliament may add someone with an equal 2/3rds vote of all those who voted.

Akadian-icon.pngAmendments Policy

Amendments to this law must be done through a referendum by the dukes through a representative vote and a 2/3rds majority of those who voted. The Constitution is considered a living document until the end of Lord Protector Hamilton Vita's term as Lord Protector meaning it is open to changes suggested from the realm as authorized by himself(ended March 31, 2009).