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Aenilia, and related terms, has both religious and political meanings.


  • Magna Aenilia Ecclesia, the Great Church of the Aenil
  • The territory over which Magna Aenilia Ecclesia is the official or dominant religion

In this form, Aenilian, or less commonly Aenilic: something of the Aenil (a relic, a member of the religion, a region or realm)


  • Greater Aenilia, a realm named for and home to the first temple of Magna Aenilia Ecclesia
  • The territory controlled by Greater Aenilia
  • Less commonly, Taith Aenil, a realm destroyed with the creation of Greater Aenilia on the basis of heresy on the former's part, along with the former's territories.

In this form, Aenilian: a member of Greater Aenilia (or Taith Aenil)

The term Old Aenilian can refer to either members of Greater Aenilia who were once members of Taith Aenil, or those that composed the 'old guard' of Taith Aenil who had the greatest knowledge of the Aenil and the history of Aenilia (in both forms). Of the former exist some half dozen, of the latter the only remaining in the Far East is Orphaea Imperium (Orphen Vincent). Similarly, the term New Aenilian is used to describe all Aenilians since the destruction of Taith Aenil and the purge of the Vandaenil.