Aegis Family

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The Aegis Family


   * One of the Aegis Twins
   * Born: Lerrs, Ash Sea Islands
   * Currently acting as a priestess of the Great Dragon

Born in Lerrs, of the Ash Sea Islands to Elrick and Lucille Aegis. Was the first of the Aegis twins to be born. Grew up a fairly normal childhood, and read many of her fathers books on tactics. At the age of 14 she met her future husband, Matthew. They were married when Lucela was 17. Matthew was a strong leader and a noble man who was searching for a banner to wield his sword under, and when Lucela was 18, she set out with Matthew to find a realm where they could fight together for their values.

Their travels brought them North, all the way to the sea. They found nothing of interest. The couple then moved west, and were disappointed yet again. The couple then moved south with thier band of men and through the mountains. After setting foot in Cagilan Empire territory, they were attacked by some soldiers wearing Cagilan colors. The men were soldiers of the Empire, who were entertaining themselves by killing townsfolk in a newly claimed region. Matthew attempted to stop them, but then another, larger Cagilan force came and attacked Matthew like an enemy. In the battle, Matthew was killed and most of his unit as well. Lucela barely was able escape north to the region of Eagle's Glen.

In Eagle's Glen, Lucela and the remaining men of their unit were taken in by some kind Drachenwaldian peasants. The peaseants treated their wounds, and fed them from their own food supplies. These peasants also told Lucela of the atrocities that Cagilan soliders had committed, and how the small realm of Drachenwald had been trying to keep them off their borders for a long time. Lucela had found the banner she would serve under.

Upon her recovery, Lucela set from Eagle's Glen to Tarasac, the capital of Drachenwald. She arrived, and swore her alligiance to Drachenwald and to the defense of their lands against the attrocious Cagilan Empire. Lucela fought in a few battle under the Dictator Skanders, who resigned shortly after she began to serve. The new Dictator, Gilead saw her potential, and how active she had been in strategic talks and appointed Lucela to the Drachenwaldian Strategic Council. After Lucela showed dedication and a strong tactical mind and great leadership abilities, Envirgar appointed her to the position of Marshall of the Army of Tarasac.

Things went a little crazy around this time. The armies of the Cagilan Empire, Darka, and Tara moved into the capital of Drachenwald, Tarasac. The battle was heated, but in the end, victory was claimed by the invading forces. During this battle, the fool Caliber starting a rebellion against Dictator Gilead. Although Caliber was wounded, The defeat of the defending forces in Tarasac gave him to opportunity to declare himself ruler.

Lucela would not stand for it. She immiediately started a counter-rebellion, and with support from the troop leaders of Drachenwald was able to throw out Caliber in record time. Lucela decided that the Dragon must have chosen her over others to perform this task. She reorganized the government into a Monarchy, to show that Drachenwald was changing, and delcared herself Queen of Drachenwald. With the assistance of Envirgar, now her trusted Judge, Lucela was able to reform the government, and begin peace talks. Those talks led nowehre, and Lucela kept a promise made to her people and stepped down in favor of fair elections. Drachenwald fell only a few weeks later.

Lucela lost sight of the Great Dragon, who had come to her in many visions over her short rule. She set off on a quest to find the Dragon. She found her way to Beluaterra where she joined the realm of Avalon. The welcome was warm, and the people kind. Soon Lucela heard word of a temple being built in the name of the Great Dragon, and she went to see the temple.

Amazed by the devotions of the founder, Lucela joined the church and returned to Avalon. However the Order of the Druids was soon founded there. The Order of the Druids secretly thought the Path of the Great Dragon to be evil, and Lucela no longer felt welcome in the lands of Avalon. Mesh became her new home. She now acts as a priestess, spreading the virtues of the Great Dragon to peasantry and nobility alike.


   * The male Aegis twin. 
   * Born: Lerrs, Ash Sea Islands
   * Last seen in the city of Ikalak

Gerard was born mere minutes after his sister Lucela. Gerard however, lived a very different lifestyle than his sister. He has always maintained strong family bonds, but he is a bit more pugnacious than the rest of the family. Since he was a child, Gerard has lived by his sword. He feels out of place when he is not carrying this sword.

Knowing the responsibilities of a true soldier, Gerard dedicated himself to mastering strategy, and then carrying out his strategies with his sword. He knew that he would not be able to learn proper strategy, and become as powerful as he could be in Lerrs. He set out to the South East continent to the nation of Ikalak. Gerard had heard things about Sir Castamir, the general of Ikalak, and wanted to see him in action.

Gerard immediately pledged his sword to Castamir, and fights underneath him every day. He observes everything Castamir does, hoping to one day become a general of that caliber.

Ikalak eventually fell to Sandalak. The troop leaders of Sandalak appauled Gerard with their childlike mocking of their enemies. Gerard had always thought war was art, a glorious art; and these children in Sandalak were tainting the glory with their pettiness. Gerard joined Taselak in an attempt to defeat Sandalak, and win with class.


   * Youngest member of the Aegis family
   * Born: Lerrs, Ash Sea Islands
   * Currently serving as Minister of Defense of Mesh, and as the Baron of Suuk

Lorik joined the ranks of the Ash Sea Island troops leaders at a young age. This was unfortunate for Lorik, because he was rash and did not think his actions through completely before acting on them. This quickly got Lorik into trouble when he heard of corruption from the throne. Lorik believed in placing his own life before those of his men, and was appauled at the way the King would throw away the lives of men, and not even explain why they must die. Lorik spoke his mind, and quickly found himself banned from the realm as a traitor. Lorik found asylum in the realm of Abington, where he led some men for a short time.

During his time in Abington, Lorik was a part of the campaign against ASI. As the Abington army pushed through the ASI lands, Lorik eventually reached his home region. He found his father, dying in bed and cursing Loriks name.

The next day, Loriks men were surrounded and captured by the ASI army. Lorik had spent too long paying respects to his father. The judge Moses imprisoned Lorik, and mocked him while he sat in the cell. Lorik was not too fond of this, and one day retaliated against Moses, calling him unjust and making a rude remark about his mother. He was on a boat to the Colonies the nest day. Deported.

The Colonies was a short stop for Lorik, who wanted nothing to do with the wasteland. Within two weeks of arriving, he hopped on a boat to Beluaterra. He arrived in the port of Twillen and pledged his service to the realm of Mesh. His service in Mesh was exemplary, and he was soon granted land and given the title of Baron over the region of Suuk. He also served as the Marshall of the Army of Twillen for a time.

His military prowess was noticed by some, and he was elected to be the Minister of Defense in Mesh. He currently resides in Suuk, and remains the Minister of Defense.