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The Family Heraldry.

Kiriman Adiyanto (East Continent) - Born in Ibladesh as the home region, in Perleone kingdom, in East Continent. The King was Deklan from Fuor family, a priest. The duke was Sha Ri from Eastwin family.

His first days in that realm was he visited a temple, looking for the priest. Kiriman paid some few of gold to meet the priest, but the priest said he was in vacation and cannot teach him at that time. Turns out the priest was Deklan Fuor, the king.

There was a war going on the continent, which Perleone was a part of Southern Alliance, against the Northern Alliance. Though The King choose to not send his troop nor his men to the battlefield to help the alliance. Instead he make peace treaties with the enemies, but he still make great contribution to the alliance by being the biggest funder with 30,000+ of gold donated.

Because of those peace treaties, Kiriman had nothing to do, so he contacted elders of Southern alliance looking for job. King Robb from Starfall family of Alara Kingdom and Master Steward Jang McTang, banker of Vix Tiramora answered, and they sent him to the war to the east against the North.

Unfortunately, in the very first war he just attended, he cant do anything to help alliance in battle, because of the peace treaty with the enemy.

Some time after that, Master Steward Jang invited him to Vix Tiramora to be the knight of Montabaun. Kiriman accepted. Though, he didn't face any battle after that, until rumor spread that monsters are rampaging around the realm.

The realm sent mission to the knights to hunt those monster, Kiriman was one of those who get the mission. So he went west to Castle Uben, capital of Vix Tiramora to refit his troop and so on, and went west more to chase the monsters after that.

He was still on his way when Count Arks Reair, count of Al Aquabah of Perleone, contacted him, invited him in a rebellion against the king Deklan Fuor. He accepted.

Kiriman then ask permission to Master Steward Jang to move back to Perleone. Master Steward Jang accepted the request, also telling that if the new government that will be made in Perleone after the rebel be a Democrachy, Vix Tiramora will likely to ally with them, as they will share a same government system. Perleone in King Deklan's reign is Monarch.

He changed his heading to Perleone and leave Vix Tiramora and the mission, and went back to his hometown Ibladesh and meet his auntie again.

He along with Count Arks prepared the plan, also with knight Conrad Barret who joined Perleone not long after Kiriman back, also by the invitation of Count Arks. Conrad was an adventurer before, made noble by Vix Tiramore before he was here.

While they were still planning, some things happened. First thing is monster are heard to rampaging around the neighbors of Perleone. Kiriman went chasing them, from Perdan, a neighbor in the north of Perleone, to the area of Vix Tiramora, in the east of Perleone. He went back to Perleone after finished that, heading to Al Arab the capital of Perleone, to prepare the ambush of the rebellion.

Second thing is King election in Perleone. The King is chosen by the people every month, even when the government system is Monarch.

Third thing is Sha Ri Eastwind who was also the General of army of Perleone, step down from his position. Count Arks Reair then replaced him, making the way of rebellion accidentally much easier.

About the king election, Count Arks actually had the opportunity to run in it, make campaign and take the throne legally and peacefully. But he did not choose that way. Kiriman told Count Arks that the rebel is dangerous and election will be a safer way.

Count Arks remind him about what Master Steward Jang Mctang of Vix Tiramore said, that if Perleone be a democracy, Vix will be ally with them. This turns out to be erong in the future.

And then Deklan won the election as there are no other choice except him, with result of more than half the voters are abstain.

Some days after that, the rebellion started. Count Arks, Conrad, and Kiriman all gather in the capital Al Arab and do the rebellion. But Lachlam Kah, a noble of Perleone, announced that he choose to be loyal to the king. Unfortunately Lachlam was far from Al Arab, so he cant do any help to fight the rebels.

The rebellion succeed after the capital was occupied for 3 days by the rebels, without blood spitted. Before those days, Count Arks removed the militia guards of the capital, as he was the General, so that the capital can be taken easier.

Count Arks Reair became the king, titled "Interpretor", Conrad became the Judge, titled "Lawmaker", and Kiriman became the General, titled "Champion". Ex-king Deklan was banished from the realm.

Chapter II: Alliance

King Deklan was a prominent figure in Southern Alliance, and he was the biggest donator. Most of the elders of SA wasnt fond of the rebellion.

A long debate occured between the rebels against the SA elders, though the elders still give chance to them, that a referendum should be held to choose the legal ruler of Perleone, between Deklan Fuor or Arks Reair. The referendum will be held after the war between North and South ends.

In the mean time, King Robb Starfall, King of Alara, a neighbor in south of Perleone, decreased their relationship treaty between the two realms Perleone and Alara from Alliance to Peace, and then to Neutral some time after. Interpretor Arks and the rebels doesn't like that decision.

Another issue is the plan of Interpretor Arks and Lawmaker Conrad to expand Perleone, planning to take Betholm, an area in the south side of Perleone. Champion Kiriman personally opposed to the plan, as that plan would make the elders make less sympathy to the new government made by Interpretor Arks.

Elders of SA claimed that Betholm belong to Minas Nova, Perleone's neighbor in the west side. Thus make that plan forbidden. Interpretor Arks, supported by Lawmaker Conrad, believed that Betholm belongs to Perleone. The region was being occupied by rogues at the time.

Another thing is Ex king Deklan Fuor was welcomed back to Perleone, forced by the elders of SA and Interpretor Arks agreed to it. It was to prepare for the referendum/election.

As the referendum to choose the legal king of Perleone will be held when the war is ended, that gave Interpretor Arks and friends more time to recruit more nobles to their side to enlarge their vote.

At that time, there were 7 nobles in Perleone. The three were the rebels, and the other is Ex king Deklan Fuor, Lachlam Kah, and Sha Ri Eastwind in opposite side. The last one was Mi'ladew Adarash, who didn't do much in politic (inactive).

While those banter still happening, now Perleone send their troops army to battle field against the North. Changed their way to respond in a more militarily active manner to this war, compared to before when its still ruled by ex king Deklan Fuor.

Suddenly knight Mi'ladew Adarash spoke after long silence, exposing Interpretor Arks' letter to him that said he will be a lord if he support the Interpretor. This worsen the image of Interpretor Arks in alliance elders' eyes.