Accurate Staff of War

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Type Weapon
Discovered By Terra
Discovery Date 28 February 2009
Discovery Location Woolton, East Continent
Abilities Prestige +4
Current Owner Mythos Arakiss

In Woolton, the adventurer Terra found the Accurate Staff of War. The Staff is made of gold, with two large red rubys on the front. After Terra's visit to the Great White City Ibladesh she sold it to Mythos Arakiss, the Lord Marshal of Ibladesh. It is believed that the ability of a staff to perform miraculous deeds demonstrates the power and authority of a god. In Ibladeshian religion, the Overlord and High God Ramsus rules the heavens. As such, Mythos, who is a follower of Ramsus, saw this staff as the sign of Ramsus to lead the people in battle. The staff is associated with wizards and other users of magic and sorcery. It has been said, but not proved, that if a certain ritual is performed before the battle, the Staff begins to glow in a golden array that blinds the heathens. Very few are alive to confirm this and it remains a mystery if the Accurate Staff of War actually has any divine powers.