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Fakhir Abdul Latif
Status: Alive and annoyed
Class Knight
Realm/Island: Ethiala, Far East
Title: None
Former realms: Antoza Commonwealth,Sanctum of Casshern,Svunnetland,Greater Aenilia
Former titles: General and jugde of the Sanctum of Casshern.

Fakhir was born in Greater Aenilia just like his sister but when Fakhir turned 16 war broke out between Lasanar and Antoza Commonwealth, Fakhir had a deep hate for Lasanar because throughout Fakhir's young life Lasanar bullied realms around and used itself and it's size to get what it wanted although he had never spoken about this hatred. He joined Antoza's army to fight Lasanar and for the first few months Lasanar was constantly being thrown out of the walls despite the courage and hope among the nobles and soldiers of Lasanar. As soon as the southern war ended Lasanar once again used itself to unite realms against Antoza and then rode to the wall's of Anacan with all there allies following them. Among them was Greater Aenilia which was his homeland and the people he rightfully served.

When seven realms lead by Lasanar came crashing to the walls of Anacan Fakhir was fairly scared and it seemed to him that Anacan was going to fall on this particular day. but after Lasanar was running away like little girls it made him fairly confident in his fighting abilities so instead of refitting he stayed in Anacan for the next two rounds of battle. On the third round of battle Fakhir and his men were so confident that they believed they were the strongest unit of soldiers in the entire Antozan army and decided to march off the walls and engage the last unit in a fight which resulted in the massacre of Fakhir's men and he himself getting wounded. Shortly after Fakhir recovered, there was news that a tournament was to take place in Ortedail but his stupid scribe insisted that it was going to be held in Azohib. Fakhir was still overconfident in his fighting abilities so he marched over to Azohib only to find that his scribe was wrong about the tournament being in Azohib. Fakhir got extremely angry at his stupid and mindless scribe and as a punishment he punched in the face which left him a small purple eye and then immediately headed to Ortedail.

Upon arriving in Ortedail he ordered his stupid scribe to prepare him a room to sleep in for the next few nights. When he had reached the tournament grounds he invited everyone to a drink of wine which he paid for. When time came to start the actual tournament Fakhir was miserably beaten in the first round which he considered shameful and thus lost his confidence in his fighting skills. When Fakhir returned home he received a request from Kazuma saying that the Sanctum of Casshern needed a experienced fighter to lead it's army into victory. Fakhir being unconfident in his fighting abilities felt that his only chance in a military career was to be the man leading the armies so Fakhir gladly accepted this request and made his way to Palnasos where he swore fealty to king Trunks. By the time it was his second day in the Sanctum of Casshern Fakhir was pouring out war plans like water from a bucket and he was also named the official High marshal of the Sanctum of Casshern but he knew he didn't really deserve this position and he would only consider it as his duty to his new realm. After the Sanctum of Casshern had fell. Fakhir moved to Svunnetland to organize a bloodless rebellion which failed shattering Fakhir's dream of revenge. After sitting in Zonasan prison for 7 days following the event's of the rebellion Fakhir joined the realm of Ethiala.

Fakhir currently to this day sits in Ethialagetting extremely annoyed with the lack of things to do.