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Alisha Abdul Latif
Status: Alive and well
Class Cavalier
Realm/Island: Kingdom of Alluran, Beluaterra
Title: None
Former realms: Greater Aenilia
Former titles: None

Alisha was born in the realm of Greater Aenilia but by the age of 17 she moved to Ethiala which is where she started her career and where she believed would be good place but she was wrong and quickly got bored in her new realm but despite the boredom in Ethiala she set up a new family estate in Lantzas because she thought it was best to raise her children or at least leave them there with the family servants while she rejoined Greater Aenilia and participated in the southern war against Nighthelm. By the end of the war Nighthelm was on its knee's and Hutael and Batesaor was under Zonasan control. Afterwards Lasanar united the realms of the Far East against Antoza Commonwealth which lead Lasanar and it's 6 allies crashing at the walls of Anacan in three miserable defeats for the allied force. Upon arriving in Wealthy city of Idapur Alisha heard news from her husband that Beluaterra was being invaded and it needed every noble it could get to defend humanity, Alisha at first was unsure whether she should leave her son with the servants for a year or two or if she stay and participate in another attack on Anacan . Alisha had decided that she would go to Beluaterra and visit her husband as well as defend Mesh from the undead and monsters.

Alisha hired a Anchorland sailor to bring her to Beluaterra because she believed Anchorland sailors were more experienced sailors because Anchorland had a Anchor as a flag but she was wrong and the sailor happened to land in Eno, Capital of the Kingdom of Alluran. Alisha was furious and demanded that the sailor take her to Mesh but the sailor refused and at night sneaked into the harbour and boarded his ship thus left Alisha stuck in Eno.

Currently today Alisha serve's Alluran's army.