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Aamir Abdul Latif
Status: Alive and bored
Class Knight
Realm/Island: Neo Grehk, Beluaterra
Title: None
Former realms: Barony of Makar,Mesh
Former titles: None

Aamir was born in the Barony of Makar, A land where vikings roam and people smell. His first liege was Dewey, count of Egret's Rock. Aamir enjoyed having Dewey as his liege as he was a good and smart man. After some while Aamir got bored in the Barony of Makar and boarded a ship to Mesh and looked forward to having a better life but he certainly knew he wouldnt find a lord better then Dewey. Upon arriving in Mesh he was kindly greeted by the nobles.Aamir has always had a thought of being a trader but that was something he kept secret from the world until he found out Duke Blaeric of Poitra needed a noble to bring food to Ashborn. Upon reading this message Aamir jumped at the chance and wanted to show the world he was going to be a successful and rich trader. Aamir's first assignment was to deliverer food to the city of Keffa which belonged to the realm of Ashborn. This made Aamir confident that the life of a trader was really actually for him so he set off to Keffa despite the risks of being captured by either Sint or Vlaanderen and made it home in with heavier pockets and and lighter caravans. After 2 weeks Aamir made another trip to Ashborn but with not as much food as he had wanted to bring to the starving city of Keffa. On the way home from his food delivery in Keffa Aamir was captured by the forces of Vlaanderen and lost all his gold but luckily for him he still had a large sum in bonds which were useless to Vlaanderen. Aamir's next trading assignment was to buy some food to feed Mesh with which he did successfully. When Aamir got home he found out that a large battle had taken place while Aamir was away on his trading assignment which saw a victory for Mesh despite amazingly heavy casualties. It was from this point on that Aamir realized that he would be needed to help defend humanity from Netherworld no matter how much fighting experience he had. Aamir faced Netherworld in four battles which all saw the defeat of Netherworld's forces and on one particular occasion Aamir challenged the Netherworld commander Invisible to a duel to the death which Invisible cowardly ran away from. Aamir later saw that the newly found realm of Neo Grehk was in a need for troopleaders and Aamir raced to Vozzessdor which was the capital city of Neo Grehk.

Currently Aamir lives in Neo Grehk fighting whatever Daemon that comes to him.