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The Family

The story of Abandonas family begun more than a half a century ago.

The father of the 4 brothers was a merchant of noble blood at the Colonies and his family estate was in Iglavik, then controlled by the mighty realm of Oritolon. However he left the realm to trade goods around the world. He was particularly impressed by East Continent where he stayed for years. He travelled all around the lands but he was mostly fascinated by the City of Avamar and its unique beauty.

There he met a drow woman that was to become the mother of Lalakis and Amraedil and like the rest of her race, was living enslaved by the elves of West Sirion imprisoned in underground dungeons. Now rumors had it, that the Drow Elves of West Sirion had been actually a cross breed of Humans and proper pointy-ears, but because they were living for hundreds of years away from the sunlight their skin turned pale, while their hair took a silver colour and their eyes usually had strange colours like red or purple. Most of them had retain the fragile body structure and pointy ears of their ancestors.

The patriarch of the family, enchanted by the drow's culture was more and more involved to their culture and became more and more affiliated to them. Finally he fell in love with a woman. Touched by her life-time sentenced to darkness he decided to free her (the 4 brothers now comment that this was a characteristic of their father that they inherited). The plan was perfectly executed and the mother of Lalakis and Amraedil managed to escape the dungeons of Avamar. Then the couple found shelter to a nearby village for the next years. The drow woman remained hidden for few more years and whenever she was out in public she was always covering her silver hair and pointy ears with a kerchief. The villagers eventually accepted the strange couple, which after few years gave birth to a beautiful child: Lalakis. Years passed and Amraedil was also born there. It seemed that nothing could disturb the hapiness of the couple. But gradually they became less and less worry and careful. And one day the Elves came, searching for the refugee. Abandonas patriarch delayed them as the mother of the two young children hide them in a barn. Although the children were never found, the mother was captured while trying to return to her husband. She was executed as soon as she was reckognised.

The pain of the father was unbearable. And to make things even worse, the children were nowhere to be found. After months of fruitless search, the devastated man took the first boat to Atamar and left the continent swearing never to return.

But amazingly the two kids survived the terrible fate of their mother. Listening to the screams of their captured mother and knowing that their lives were also in danger if they were found, they left the barn and wandered for days in the dark woods of Elmbar, Flismar and Limbar. They were fed by roots and fruits and once they felt that the threat was gone they returned. But more about their story later...

The patriarch now, having lost his wife and two children wandered for long in Atamara. Finally he settled to Southasland, where the City of Tucha lied. He spent few years there, accompanied by a noble woman of unknown origin. But nevertheless they had obviously good time together, as Leo Abanadonas was soon born. But his father was restless and he couldn't stay for long at the same place anymore. And thus he one day left, leaving Leo and his mother alone. Although Leo's mother tried to turn the children against his dissapeared father, the only result was to make him a restless spirit like his father was.

Now the father was back home, in Iglavik, Colonies. He stayed there, married a local girl and gave birth to Dimitr, the most obedient and well behaved brother of the four. When he passed away, Dimitr was so shocked that he lost his voice for months. Since then he speaks only rarely and only when there is something really important to be said. He was also very attached to his mother and he never left Oritolon until she was dead.


He is the oldest of the four brothers. He was raised virtually alone in the woodlands of East Continent and he was also responsible for his younger brother Amraedil. At his youth he learnt the art of sword by a Sirionite outcast at a small village near the City of Avamar. Thus he never managed to master perfectly the sword. Something that he became more apparent after his tortures by Amanda of Fontan and Hyraltic of Sirion, when his right arm was severly crippled, never to fully recover.

He met Donna Ragna, his future companion in life, at the small village he found refuge at his youth, just at the outskirts of the City of Avamar. Although she was merely a child when Lalakis left to seek adventure -and revenge- in Avamar, they remembered each other well and so when they met again after many years, they eventually joined their lives.

He was one of the most radical members of the independence movement in West Sirion. Disgusted by the injustice and the exclusion of the vast majority of the nobles in the decision making process and the drakness that all people there were condemned to live, took part in the succesfull Coup D'Etat that freed the Drow Elves of Avamar from centuries of oppression. There he experienced for first time the difficulties of Public Administration and the vast difference between the Rhetoric's and Realities of Freedom and also partially realised the pointless diplomacy that dominates East Continent. But alongside the problems there had been great moments. The friendships that were developed remained strong all the years that followed. And the actual direct democratic regime that reigned in Avamar allowed dozens of cutlural activites to flourish. Amongst others Lalakis and his closest friend Tzoutzoukos founded the first Newspaper in the Continents, the Avamar Times

The former realm of West Sirion that now, having moved away from Sirion's influence, was renamed after Divine's Intervention to the People's Republic of Avamar, flourished for long time until the united armies of Sirion, Old Rancagua and Fontan attacked the Cultural Capital of East Continent and utterly destroyed it.

Lalakis had decided to fall with the City he loved. Friends had died and whatever had been built in the last decade was lying in ruins. Moreover, Donna Ragna had given birth only few weeks ago to twins. And the maid that was entitle to hide them from the fire that consumed the City had somehow lost them. In teh beging Lalakis was decisive and stubborn like always. But eventually his closest friends, Ammeria, Thanfedal, Loquan, Kolya, Fionn, Kamenos, Tzoutzoukos and above anyone else his beloved Woman Donna Ragna, persuaded him to escape the ruins of the burning City and find refugee in Oligarch. There Lalakis passed many months living in a delirium. He had completely lost his sanity. He was moving around, a shadow of his former self, mumbling things about the defences of Avamar and fighting wars in his imagination, moving armies that didn't exist and leading attacks to Fontanese regions believeing that he was liberating Elmbar and Limbar. It was his friends' love that saved him from permamnet insanity once again. And it was Donna Ragna's devotion and love to be commented above all those comrades that stood by the old Avamarian leader.

But Oligarch was falling, not been able to resist the wave of the North Alliance (OR, Sirion and Fontan) that after having destroyed within only few months Eleador, Rancagua and Avamar they were preparing a final assault to exterminate any sign of opposition at the North. Oligarch, without any allies left as Ubent retired from the warfront and joined Perdan to its war at the South, was doomed. Another turning point in Lalakis' life was the execution of his closest friend Tzoutzoukos by the Old Rancaguan Judge. It was Donna Ragna again that managed to help Lalakis to maintain his sanity.

But meanwhile a new challenge appeared. El Cid, brother of his former old and good friend One Rogala that had almost betrayed and surrender Avamar at her last days, took control of Kalmar Islands and proclaimed them a Dictatorship under the name of "Avamar Empire". Lalakis begun negotiations with all the Avamarians scattered around the Continent and finally, after a voting, they decided to join the realm of Kalmar in an attempt to Democratise Kalmar Islands and allow all banned original Colonists to return to their home. Lalakis prepared jointly with the Avamarians in exile, a document that was presented to El Cid Rogala, with a series of demands to be accepted if the Avamarians were to move there.

He accepted, and this is how the presence of Avamarians on the Chaos Islands begun.

Although in the begining things went well and many former Kalmarians returned and reappointed or elected to their former positions (including the Banker and even the former king), the whole effort was proved pointless. No matter what, Old Rancagua kept fighting against the Islands, while Perdan silently supported the war, waiting for better times to directly interfere. Despite this, for many years the Islands flourished and reached a magnificent level of development against the odds and despite the constant war.

However, Lalakis was not to remain in peace for long. After a series of betrayal by his closest friends, it was time for his eternal companion to betray him; Donna Ragna cheated on him with Teshup the General of Fontan, an old enemy of Lalakis. The shock was devastating especially as, the old now, Lalakis was informed of the situation by friends in other realms and not by Donna Ragna whose blindly trusted her. Supported by his friends again he overcome the shock and finally imposed to Donna Ragna a peculiar penatly: To travel the Continent in a quest to find her true feelings. The quest was succesful. After few years Donna Ragna returned and presented what she had found during the quest. Lalakis was hers, and She was his.

Shortly after a great tournmanet was held in Kalmar City to Celebrate their reunion and their long expected marriage. After more than 15 years of common life, Lalakis and Donna Ragna were formally Man and Wife. Tempest and Naira had been the Best Man and the Maid of Honour in the wedding, while Thanfedal carried over the ceremony. And it wasn't more than few months later that their daughter was born and Lalakis announced his retirement from active Politics in order to dedicate himself to his family. But things had turned ugly again.

One Rogala had suceeded Kalmar City to create Avamar Selective in an attemt to mock Avamar. Against the voting of the Kalmarian People he established a Theocracy. Most realms turned against him and although he was overthrown by brave Kalmarians soon enough the damage was done. The tension escalated and it wasn't only the hundred or so of the nobles and the two realms that were threatened but it was also Lalakis' only daughter. Perdan had finally managed to end the war in the south, Sirion and Fontan had joined OR's efforts, there were rumors about Itornut's involvement in the war. The couple decided to hide their daughter away from the zone of death. A friend of their carried the baby away and deliver it to a good friend of the couple. A man of unique nobility that lived in a peaceful realm. He was instructed not to let the child know her true parents until she was old enough to understand their lust for freedom and their inability to abandon their doomed realm to save their skins.

And thus, Lalakis and Dnna Ragna remained together to see the Fall of Kalmar Islands and the end of Democracy on the Chaos Islands.

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Known also as the "Pink Bard", "Pinky", "Pink Tights", "Amra the Bard".

Amra always lived under the shadow of his brother. Although extremely skilled in arms and in leadership, he always preffered the Harp instead of the Sword or the Spear.

Stories of Amraedil


Leo was, and still consider himself a loyal Southaslander. He was the most restless and most rebellious in nature of all four brothers and during his carreer has fought under different banners but always taking the side of the weak and helpless.

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Stories of Dimitr

Fought for Oritolon for long and he has served the realm from the Banker's position. But when his mother died he felt that must move, so he left the Colonies and traveled to the South West island. There he become a loyal Knight that enjoys more than anything esle to follow the orders of a clever man, as Dimitr is known for his dedication and not his brains.


He is not acknowledged by the four brothers as a legitmate child of Abanadonas the Elder, Patriarch of the Family. And Koyote most propably is NOT.