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The Proclamation

Roleplay from Godfrey Greybrook
The deities of Beluaterra are worshiped blindly by humanity, under the illusion that through hard work to their empty cause, our souls will be granted mercy in the afterlife.


It was only through the Emperor that I realised there was an alternative. Humanity must take our faith and belief back into our hands.

Through our Eternal Emperor Xlair Silverblade, the man who has suffered for us and will continue to suffer until the fateful day where he shall heroically sacrifice his own life for all of us. When that fateful day comes, it comes down to his faithful and sworn’s belief that he shall truly ascend, achieve divinity and fight the true enemy, the deities behind the veil who see humanity as their playthings.

Therefore, in his lifetime, Vordulism will pursue the collective belief and work to give the Eternal Emperor the strength he needs to ascend, challenge the gods and save humanity from those whom harm us through their ignorance and wrath. Once he ascends, it is through our collective expansion of worship, sacrifice and suffering that our Eternal Emperor shall draw strength until the enemy has been vanquished.

Through joining Vordulism, one shall declare or renew their blood oath to our Emperor - the blood eternal. Blood is the life-source of power, life and binds humanity together. It is the holy communion that the Eternal Emperor believes that other deities cannot tamper with - the true sign of loyalty. Therefore, our struggle continues through our collective sacrifice in blood. To achieve our goals, humanity must transition from surviving to thriving. As installed in us by the Eternal Emperor, humanity must know pain and suffering before they can know true delight and pleasure of success.

Travel to the holy region of Iknopata to join the faith or instruct me to give you a private sermon.

I shall answer all questions in name of the Eternal Emperor.

All hail the Eternal Emperor.

Signed in Sacred Blood.
Godfrey Greybrook

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