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The oldest of the brothers, Joseph was passed over to inherit the family estate as his father found that he did not have enough of a military mindset to succeed in the harsh Taran environment. Instead, he travelled to the Far east continent where he landed in the city of Sasrhas. There he started a career as a trader. On family reunions, he enjoys bringing exotic food and drinks that he found in his numerous travels. The rest of the family would like to tease that he only brings back food while they bring fame and glory to the family, but they quickly remember that he is by far the richest of all and that they may well have need of him in the future, so they keep their mouth shut.

In March 2009, he was elected Senator of Pesol. He soon grew tired of fighting on the losing side of the Northern Purification War and changed allegiance to the Akadian League, bringing his newly acquired lands with him. He then had an opportunity to take up trading again, but the sources of food were few this time, and he had to resort to the black market in enemy land, which had him thrown in prison a few times. He has also held the title of Lord Treasurer for some time for his efforts.

In July 2009, when Duke Dekion resigned from the Dukeship of Akanos to take the cloak of Lord Protector, Joseph was left as the only Lord in exercise in the realm, and as such could decide alone who would take the Duchy. Even though Dekion asked for the Duchy to be given back to him, Joseph used the letter of the constitution to appoint himself as Duke of Akanos. This proved controversial and split the realm in two. Luckily, many took Joseph's side, but continuing the war under these conditions was unthinkable. Eventually he reached a deal with Ohnar West where he could remain Duke of Akanos within Ohnar West, and the Akadian league disappeared.

After initial difficulties, Akanos flourished and Joseph found he could work within Ohnar, many of the elements that were problematic having left or disappeared. In May of 2010, he ran for the position of Prime Minister and was elected when Prime Minister Taylin declined to oppose him. A long period of peace ensued, but tension rose between Arcaea and Arcachon, and eventually war had to begin again.

While the battle-front was mostly a stale-mate, there were internal difficulties. Joseph eventually lost an election to Selene Octavius. Soon after, the realm of Toupellon was founded and took most of Ohnar West's lands, and Joseph joined as he was part of the Duchy of Ozrat then. In that turmoil, the faith Adgharinism to which he belonged was on the brink of collapse; seeing all the groups he belonged to being torn apart, he quit his ailing religion to found The Builders, hoping to find a new stability. However he was quickly disowned by his superior, banned from Toupellon and left with nothing to look forward to. He retired for a while in the countryside.

The break from trhe ceaseless activity was good for his mental health, and a few years later he came back, determined to lead a much calmer life. He was appointed Banker of Arcaea, going back to his first love of trading, where he hopes for nothing more than to be competent.