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Jos was a noble of Outer Tilog. He was last seen entering the Bone Mines two years ago with naught but his horse and a canteen. He was never seen again in the Colonies; however some report that a tall, pale and silent adventurer who hunts monsters on Beluaterra carries a cape holding the same watery pattern he used to be seen with.

It was years later that Jos managed to contact his family again. He had been lost in the Bone Mines, fightinh his way in the deep underground caverns against all sorts of monsters, giant spiders, dark creatures and, worst of all, undeads of the deep which left him with many scars. When he emerged close to Reeds before the start of the Fifth Invasion, he was barely recognizable, holding nothing to identify him, his tongue cut off and his hands too mangled to hold a pen, but still strong enough to be tied to the handle of a sword and swing it.

For many years he did roam Beluaterra as an adventurer, slaying monsters in daylight and undeads at night. He amassed quite a fortune and a few followers, with whom he communicated through signs, and who helped him contact his family and regain the seal of the von Genfs. He then joined Riombara, where he rose through the ranks, and is now Duke of Athol Margos. Along the way, he slowly managed to heal his wounds, increasing his ability to interact with others.

He recently joined Quintarianism.